It’s been so lovely to have a break over Christmas and the New Year. We had a wonderful Christmas though towards the end of the holidays I had a flare up, so the return to the chaos of work and nursery etc has been a bit of hard work this time round. I really enjoyed doing a Monthly Bucket List last year and the couple of years before. I really loved updating it each month, so although I abandoned 2017’s list I have decided to start again for 2018 with a completely new list of family adventures for 2018.

Monthly Bucket List 2018 - January - Silver Bucket with Colourful Plastic Pegs on Wooden Decking

So here goes, our monthly bucket list for 2018!

Visit a Castle we have never been to before – We have visited some amazing castles as a family and we always have such fun days out, so I would it if we could plan a visit to a new-to-us castle this year.

Go to the Beach at least Twice – I have often talked about our love for the seaside, as you can see from our midwinter trip to the beach at Tenby last year – we are willing to go there in all weathers. However, been in the Midlands we don’t get to the coast nearly as much as I would like, so I am putting it on my list.

Have a family trip to the Cinema – We have yet to visit the cinema as a family, as to be honest my daughter is not really one for sitting still and watching a whole film. Maybe towards the end of the year we can have a special treat and go to the cinema together.

Go Horseriding – I loved going horse riding as a child and I would love to go again and take my daughter and my husband too. My daughter had a little ride on a pony when we visited Centre Parcs and she loved it, so I would love for her to experience that again.

Get Gardening – We have a lovely big garden in this house and so my husband and I are keen to make the most of it. We have so many plans, including growing some sunflowers with our daughter and I would love to grow some tulips.

Plan an amazing 40th Birthday for my husband – he turns 40 in the summer, and I have lots of ideas/plans – the first involves getting a passport for my daughter and getting a new one of me as mine is out of date. I will reveal more when I have some things in place, but it’s going to be very exciting!

Go on an Easter Egg Hunt – we’ve had so much fun in the past creating mini Easter Egg Hunts for our daughter, so this year I think it would be fun to go to one with my brother, his wife and their son.

Go Trick or Treating – again we had such fun last year, and my daughter loved seeing all the houses decorated for Halloween, almost as much as she loved handing out sweeties to the children that came to visit our house. (I loved eating the candy she collected too – as there was way to much for her to each herself…)

More Family Photos – I really wish that I liked being in photos, but the truth is I don’t – I can’t stand it. But I know that I need to get in the photos more. I adore the few photos I have of the three of us and so I need to have more taken!

Stargazing – my daughter is currently obsessed with space, and she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. So I really want to take her to somewhere that we have a great view of the stars on a clear night, not just in the back garden as the light levels are always too high where we live. I will have to get searching for the best local places.

And there you have it, our monthly bucket list, my hopes for our family for this year. Though it goes without saying that health and happiness are top of the list and they are the most important things. I think completing this list will be lots of fun and if we don’t manage to get everything done there is always next year!

What have you and your family got planned for 2018? Have you got a bucket list for this year?