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I love books and I love Christmas – I have been making Boo a book advent calendar for this year – I am planning on wrapping it tonight!). So when I was asked if we would like to review Twenty Four Days to Christmas I agreed as it was prefect.  It’s going to be the book she opens on December the 1st!

Twenty Four Days to Christmas Book Review - sharing our thoughts on this wonderful book which helps young children to navigate the excitment of December

I love the whole idea of the book, charting each day up until Christmas with suggestions for different activities.  The book follows a very excited but impatient Poppy through December. Read More…

I love getting personalised things for Boo, they just add a bit of something special.  We have all sorts of things but one of my favourite personalised things is The Snowman and The Snowdog book by Penwizard.

The Snowman and the Snowdog Personalised Book Review - reviewing the wonderful personalised The Snowman and the Snowdog book from Penwizard

I jumped at the chance to review this book, I have fond memories of The Snowman from my childhood and this is going to be perfect for Boo’s Book Advent Calendar I am making her for this year (I have already decided that it will be the one we open on her birthday). Read More…

Boo has developed a love for books which I am so happy about and as a result I am probably going a little overboard on buying her books – but she enjoys reading them, and stacking them, and we enjoy reading them together!

My First Gruffalo Little Library Review - a wonderful set of four small board books perfect for toddlers

I recently, on a whim, purchased the My First Gruffalo Little Library, which is found small board books in a little cardboard sleeve based on The Gruffalo.  The four books are Colours, Opposites, Animal Action and Numbers.  Each of the four books is available in a large size on their own (and we have borrowed a couple of them before from our local library.

The books are the prefect size for Boo to sit and hold and ‘read’ herself, they are light but also sturdy, they still look really nice even though Boo hasn’t quite learned to be gentle with books yet.  They each have 6 double pages, with clear, bright cartoon illustrations – just like The Gruffalo book.

Of the four I would say that Boo likes, or at least spends most time with the Colours book and is pointing out and naming the six colours and the illustrations (i.e. brown is – obviously – the Gruffalo).

The Numbers book is 1-5 with the last page as a recap (which Boo loves as she cheers and shouts everyone! Though Boo has not quite master the art of counting yet (we have one, two, seven, eight, seven, eight – so nearly there)

My First Gruffalo Little Library Review

The Animals Actions lovely illustrations and each double page has two animals on it (except page 5, which is again a recap of all that have gone before and page size a double page of ‘growl like a gruffalo’ which again Boo finds very entertaining.)

The Opposite book as the same 6 double pages with each featuring an opposite pair – like big and small or night and day.  Boo likes to point out the things pictured and we are reading the opposites too her.

I paid £4.99 for this pack of four books (I am sure if I looked online I could have gotten it cheaper – but I am not going to look!), it was just sat on the counter in a shop I was in, I just saw it by chance and I can honestly say that it’s has already been really worth it and there is a lot more life left in them.

They really are fantastic, I would definately recommend them for any little Gruffalo fans out there and I think they would make a great present too.

Family Fever

There are so many children’s books out there, some I remember from my childhood and there is a long long list of these books that Boo either needs her own copies of (if mine have gone missing) or has my copy of.  There are others that are new but just as great and Boo needs lots of those too. The ‘That’s Not My’ series of books are in the second list.

That's Not My... Books Review - sharing our thoughts on the that's not my ... series of board books for toddlers

So as Boo loves these books I thought it was about time we did a That’s Not My … Books review.  There seems to be endless titles in the ‘That’s Not My…’ range and that’s great – something for everyone and something for all interests.  Boo has a number of these books and her current favourites are That’s Not My Fairy, That’s Not My Dragon and That’s Not My Monkey. Read More…

We are, I have to say, massive Twirlywoos fans. Boo loves watching them and I love that I get to have a hot cup of tea in relative peace! I think the cartoon itself is great and teaches children simple concepts like ‘Soft’ or ‘Gone’.  So when I found out there were going to be Twirlywoos toys coming out – I was excited (for Boo of course).

Review Twirlywoos Chickedy and Chick Toys - Our reviews of the wonderful Chickedy and Chick talking soft toys

We went to the shop to buy them the day that they came out and Boo nearly burst with excitement when she saw the display of them! We decided (after Boo had hugged each type of toy!) that we should get her the Chickedy and Chick Talking Toys. Read More…

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