I love Trunki products, we Boo has already amassed quite a collection two Trunki Suitcases, (Freda and Bluebell), Two Paddlepaks (Inky and Sheldon) and a Toddlepak.  I saw a few reviews done by other bloggers about the Toddlepak and everyone had great things to say so when the time came for us to get some reins for Boo (As soon as Boo could walk she was determined to walk and not go in the pram) I didn’t even consider any other reins. So here is my Trunki Toddlepak review…

My Trunki Toddlepak Review - We have had these amazing reins a while now and I can honestly say they are brilliant!

I love all of the Trunki products we have bought and the couple we have been lucky enough to win too.  The quality is always amazing and I love the designs and ideas behind the products. And the Toddlepak certainly hasn’t disappointed.

I bought direct from the Trunki website, the price was great at £17.99 and the arrived the very next day. You couldn’t ask for better service. The packaging was minimal which is great,


We bought the Pink ToddlePak, as not only do I love pink, it is my fave colour, and it was the one which goes best with Boo’s coat.  Though there are lots of other colours and designs to choose from and they are all fantastic I do love the Purple and Yellow versions too, it was a tough decision!

The harness is sturdy and well made, I love the bright colours and the design on the front is really cute.  Boo get’s really excited when she sees the reins so I know that she approves! The padding on the harness is great as it means I don’t have to worry about it rubbing or pulling on Boo when she falls or tries to run off!


As you can see the clips look, (and feel) really secure but are super easy to undo should you need to get the harness of in a hurry.  The reins detach from the harness which is great. It means I can detach the reins when we get to the park and leave Boo to play in the harness so we don’t have the faff of having to get the harness on and off all of the time.

We have found the reins easy to adjust thanks to the hidden velco straps around the waist of the harness, quick to do which mean we can easily switch between Boo wearing the reins with and without her coat.  This is great as Boo is always keen to get going so waiting for us while we faff about with adjusting them would be a bad idea!


The reins feel good quality and all of the straps and fastenings feel secure which is reassuring as Boo doesn’t like to hold hands when we are out and about on our walks so the reins (or putting her in the pram) would be the old way to keep her safe from running off!


I am so glad that we bought these reins as they have made things so much easier, no pram needed for short trips, like our regular excursions to feed the ducks.  And  if we go to visit places like the local town centre having the reins is great as we don’t have to worry about the pram.

I can definitely recommend the Trunki Toddlepak, we have had lots of use out of the reins in the four months we have already had them and I can see them lasting us many months to come.


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We have reached that sad time where Boo has outgrown our BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active.   Boo is now far more interested in walking everywhere and she is a nearing the upper weight limit so for me it is easier if I have the pram or the trike especially as I need my changing bag with everything in it, which sometimes weighs more than Boo.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active

I thought now would be a good time to do a review because we have had it since Boo was a couple of months old and we have nearly seen it’s complete life cycle.  It has lasted well and still looks great even though it has been chewed, drooled on and been chucked in the washing machine numerous times.

To start off with we bought a sling type carrier but Boo wasn’t happy and she let us know loudly, we persevered for a couple of weeks but it got worse, so we decide to try a different style carrier and one which could keep her upright, something which was important to lessen the symptoms of her acid reflux.

We tried one of the BabyBjorn Baby Carriers because we liked to look of them – and the Active had extra back support which was important to us, especially if we where going to be using it a lot (which we have).

baby carrier

Image from Amazon

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active can be used from newborn (3.5kg or 8lbs) up until 12kg – 26lbs.  Boo is just getting towards the upper end of the range now and I can’t carry her in the carrier for long (not that she wants to be in it for long anymore – at 16 months she would rather be running about!) Though we did see someone putting a similar looking carrier on at a baby group the other day and Boo got all excited and reached out for it! So she does still like to go in it.

From newborn you can have your baby facing you, with the grey panel flipped up, to support their head, and from 4 months they can face outwards, Boo was about 3 months when we got the carrier and she hated facing inwards (she is too nosey) but once she hit 4 months and started facing outwards she loved it.

The straps of the harness are adjustable round the shoulders and the waist, they are easy to adjust and quick to loosen when you are taking the carrier off.  Once adjusted the carrier is quick and easy to put on and put baby in.  The front panel simply clips to the harness with colour coded clips at each side, and two more clips at the bottom, which is great when you are trying to hold a wiggly baby and fasten the carrier!

The carrier feels really safe and secure and is roomy enough so that Boo could have a big coat on or thick jumper if it the weather wasn’t great.  Boo is nearly a year old in the picture below, and it’s the end of November and she is wrapped up in about a thousand layers (ok maybe not that many) but she was still comfortable in the carrier (and warm enough as the carrier itself is thick and padded which acted like an extra layer. The front panel adusts between where the baby’s legs are, as they increase in weigh, simple to adjust and plainly labelled so you have the clip in the right place for the right weight.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active2

The extra back support is really great, and it was possible to carry Boo in the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active for a good long walk and still feel really comfortable.  I would say that for me personally it was about the 13/14 month mark when Boo became a bit too heavy for me to use the carrier for any great distance, but my husband can still carrier her in it now, at 16 months.

I think that a year plus life span for a carrier is great because Boo is more mobile and wants to walking/running about rather than in a carrier so I am not sure how much longer Boo will be happy to be in the carrier.  Though obviously the carrier still has some life left in it as my husband still uses it on occasion and Boo is not yet at the 12kg mark.

I cannot in all honesty remember how much we paid for the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active, I think it was about £70 with some kind of offer.  Which I was happy to pay at the time and I think that for the use we have had out of it- it has been well worth the money.

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I am an Ikea fan, I love that fact that you can get certain pieces of furniture cheaply and it doesn’t break within 5 minutes.  As you can probably tell from some of my photos we have the Kallax shelves in out living room doubling up as a TV stand (high enough to keep it safely away from Boo’s sticky fingers! And to store lots of Boo’s toys in – I have different batches of toys in each of the boxes and rotate them.  But enough of my waffle…

Antilop Highchair

The best thing I have ever bought from Ikea is the Antilop Highchair.  I would give this 11/10 if I could.  We actually used another highchair (which was a nightmare to clean and was heavy to move) and then I heard about the Antilop Highchair and on our next trip to Ikea we bought two of them (one for my parents house).  They are only £13 including the tray so I definitely didn’t break the piggy bank!)

Image from the Ikea Website

Essential it is a plastic bucket seat, four legs and a tray.  It doesn’t fold down but the legs are easy to detach and the tray detaches making it super easy to throw in the sink.  There are no nooks and crannies that food can get stuck in, there is no cover to take off and wash (don’t you love things that make your life easier!) Our Antilop Highchair has survived porridge and weetabix the cements of the food world, and is still looking decent after 6 months of use, even blueberries didn’t stain it!


We decided to follow Baby Led Weaning with Boo(for the most part – we didn’t rule out mushed up things, we just let Boo thrown them all over the dining room – and if we can see her getting frustrated we do help feed her with a spoon if she is happy with that).  The size of the highchair is great, Boo could reach the tray fine at 10 months which was when we swapped over and I suspect that she would have been fine in it form 6 months when we started the fun, messy process that is weaning (aren’t weaning nappies the best!?! – not)

Changing over to the Antilop Highchair was amazing, it made me realise how much of a pain in the bum the old highchair was.  And it made cleaning up after mealtimes so much quicker and easier.  The chair is exactly the right height so that it feels like Boo is part of the dining table, rather than hovering about it, or (because of a massive tray) a 100 ft away from us.  The tray can also be removed so if you have the right height table your child can use that.

It’s also lightweight so even without taking it apart it can be easily moved, into the kitchen for example for a spot of baking…


So as I have said the Antilop Highchair gets an 11/10 from Boo and Daddy and I.  It’s ridiculously cheap, easy to clean, lightweight and has survived Boo using it to smash food on and throw food from for 6 months, and it’s still going strong!

Family Fever

I must confess I love the Happyland toys, in the past we have bought Boo some of the range, and she has loved playing with the little figures, chewing the little figures and hiding the little horse draw carriage in places Mummy and Daddy are likely to stand. A complete success really.

Happyland boot review

So when I saw the Happyland Fairyland Bluebell Boot (not sure why it’s got such an amazingly long name but there you go!) on sale for 20% off it’s normal price I decided I would treat Boo to it and then give her it over the Easter weekend.  I acutally bought it months ago, but I do have to say I feel a little bit bad that her birthday is in December so I figured I would spread the joy (and toys) over the year and decided we would buy her a toy at around Easter and one in the late summer too.

I have to say I do love a bargain, and so when I saw this Bluebell Boot on sale (I had had my eye on it for a while) I decided to buy this and the Safari animals set (which I will be giving Boo in the summer – but shhh! she doesn’t know.)

Anyway on to the boot! I have to say Boo was excited when she saw it, and Daddy could not get the boot out of the box fast enough! Once we opened it we realised that as well as the three figures at the front and the one hidden in the little swing there were lots more goodies inside a cute little caterpillar, a table, two chairs a strange looking bed and little stove with a kettle on (get them in to making tea early! – I like it!)


Boo quickly decided that the best thing about the Happyland Boot was opening it out completely and then trying to drag/carry it around the living room bashing it in to as many things as possible… hey at least she is playing with the toy rather than the box right?

Happyland boot1 IMG_5372

Then something magical happened, the toe of the boot, the door and the doorbell are all linked to three little flowers on the outside and one on the inside and when they are pressed or opened/closed  the lights flash and a musical tune plays… Boo’s face was a picture it was the excited predator face she pulls complete with a sticking out chin… a face which, she has totally inherited from Daddy. Every single time that little musical tune sounds we get that amazed/excited face, it’s so adorable. (obviously to prove I am a liar Boo will NOT do this face in front of the camera… ever.)


Boo played with the boot itself and the little figures that come with it for ages this afternoon while we were cooking, she also kept lifting the table up to her mouth and saying ‘Mmmmm’ so whatever the little fairies were eating tasted ok!


I am really impressed with the size of the toy, all the little extra parts we discovered inside it, and the musical element, we paid £32 for it which I think is perfectly reasonable for a toy like this.  And we will definitely be buying more Happyland toys in the future to add to Boo’s collection.

Family Fever

Boo took her first steps when she was 10 months old, and from that point on not much could stop her! We took her about a month later to Clarks to get measured and fitted for her first ‘proper’ pair of shoes which was very exciting, probably more so for me than for Boo. I think it’s great that you get the little card and a special photo… How proud does Boo look!

IMG_2616 (2)

A very helpful lady in our local branch measured Boo’s feet and she came out a 3f.  So we had a look at what shoes we could get and decided that as Boo had only been walking a month, and because not many of the Walker style shoes actually come in a 3 we would get some Little Poppy Cruiser shoes.

Little Poppy

They were fab, the fitted well, and they lasted for months and still looks really neat.  But the soft soles did start to cause problems once Boo was walking outside more as she started to complain and the refuse to walk on certain surfaces. This is obviously not the fault of the shoe as we knew at this point we needed to get her some Walker shoes.

We took Boo back several times to be measured just to check the shoes we still fitting but she was still a 3f. However, once we realised that she didn’t like to walk on certain surfaces in her Little Poppy shoes we decided to get her some walker shoes even if she was till a 3f. (Which she had been since November and we were then at the beginning of March!! I couldn’t believe she was still the same size.

However, as luck would have it we took her at the beginning of March and she had grown! Woohoo!! She was now a 3.5f! (She is obviously not going to take after mummy who has size 8 feet!) We asked them to bring down all the shoes they had in a 3.5f so we could see which style were the best fit and which ones we liked.  Sadly, they only had four styles in the 3.5 it appears that most of the Walker styles start at a 4 which is a bit of a shame. And all the ones I liked started at 4!

We did eventually after trying on all four styles (I must say that the man who was serving us was very nice and patient!) we decided on Crazy Hug Shoes.  I must admit I was worried about how many of Boo’s clothes these shoes would go with, but they go with lots.

Crazy Hugs

They are great, I love the bright colours and the buckle fastening is handy as Boo has yet to figure it out and take her shoes off in the car like she did with the Velcro ones! They have good grip on the soles too and they feel really sturdy and good quality.

The only negative point about these shoes is that as they have a suede top on them I think they would be more suited to summer shoes rather than spring as Boo has only had them a couple of weeks and already they look very worn, but that’s my fault for not thinking practically rather than a fault with the design.

Boo is so proud of her new shoes and she stomps everywhere in them.  The fitting was great and we could see that they did a really good job to make sure that they fitted Boo’s feet properly.


All in all I think the entire experience of the fitting and both pairs of shoes has been really positive.  I feel reassured because they take the time to make sure the shoes fit, and don’t just try to sell you a new pair if you take your children in to be measured.

I just can’t wait until Boo is a size 4 so I can go back and have lots more styles to choose from!!

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