I know that I have mentioned about our gorgeous pet rabbits and whilst my daughter loves all four of them she has a special favouritest favourite which is our youngest rabbit, Taylor (named after Taylor Swift of course). So when I was asked if we would like to created a copy of the Adventures in Petlandia book I say yes please and knew exactly who the star of the book was going to be our lovely Taylor!

Adventures in Petlandia - Book Review

First things first, the Petlandia website to create to book is super easy to use and it’s really quick to customise your pet (or someone else’s pet if you are buying the book as a gift – which I think is a great idea.) Cats, Dogs and Rabbits can all have Adventures in Petlandia. There are a variety of colours and markings and I think I managed to create a wonderful likeness of Taylor, our Blue Split Mini Lop with blue eyes.

There are a few options for the book, including both soft and hard cover versions. They is also the option, once you have created your book, to buy related items like wrapping paper, tshirts and even mugs. I love this idea and it means it really is so easy to create a wonderful gift for someone who really really loves their pet!

Adventures in Petlandia - Map

Our copy of the book arrived in great time and packed in a sturdy box, which meant that our book arrived in perfect condition (which is something that always worries me when I order books online). The illustrations are super cute and really colourful and my daughter found them really engaging. The story itself is wonderful and I love the ending (I won’t give you any spoilers), it’s really heartwarming and I love reading the story to my daughter. And just look at all these lovely happy pets on the inside covers!

Adventures in Petlandia - Inside Cover

And as you can see from the reviews on the back of the book the critics are in love with it! (They made me giggle so much)

We love our copy of Taylor’s Adventures in Petlandia and just in case you wanted to see her, here is our beautiful Taylor, with all of her friends because I couldn’t leave them out!

Our Rabbits - Taylor, Duggee, Betty and Norrie

Do you have any pets? Would you love to read a book that starred one of them?

We were sent a copy of Adventures in Petlandia free of charge. All opinions and words are my own. 

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