I am always looking for new books and I love discovering new authors both for books I read for myself and books I read to my daughter. And last month I discovered a wonderful new way to access children’s books, via the Bookabees Subscription Box.

Bookabees Children's Book Subscription Box Review

The idea is really simple and really fun, each month your child is sent a box with books and other fun things like a bookmark and a fun activity. And at the end of the month you have three options, return your books, buy all or some of the books for 50% of their RRP, or buy a new version of the book/s for 70% of their RRP. Below are the contents of the 3 book box, and as you can see it’s jam packed with goodies!

Bookabees Subscription Box - Contents of the 3 Book Box

What makes the Bookabee subscription even better is that you can manage the choice of books your child will be sent, either by selecting themes (like adventure or nature) or by searching through the vast online catalogue for specific books/subjects. It really is amazing, the website is really easy to use and there is a drag and drop feature which means you can sort boxes in to specific themes (to match the seasons for example or you child’s interests at the time).

Bookabees Subsciption Box - Inside of the Box

You can also remove books from the pool of books because you either have read them or your don’t want them. I love the amount of options and flexibility you have. I am really excited for our next box, I loved our sample Bookabees box so much that I have signed up for a paid subscription of the 5 book box. You can use my referral code if you fancy signing up too, it’s 5711A8

The activities are really fun and my daughter loves her Do Not Disturb door sign. And of course stickers are always a hit. The three books we received in our sample box were really fun to read and we hadn’t read any of them. They were picked at random for us but they were good choices, we especially enjoyed Goldilocks and Just One Bear and 15 Things Not to Do with Granny.

Bookabees Subscription Box - Activities

What I like is that at the back of the book their is the option for the child to leave a rating for the book, which is I think is a great concept and helps get children thinking about what they do and don’t like to read about. The rating system also continues online and after you have had a book you can share your rating, which makes it easier to choose new books, because you can see everyone else’s ratings.

Bookabees Subscription Box - Bookabees Card

Speaking of ratings, I would definitely give the Bookabees subscription box 5 stars out of 5! The options available are Little (one book £4.99) Big (three books £8.99) and Bigger (five books £10.99) though there is currently an offer meaning you would get your first box for half price which is awesome! You can cancel your subscription box at any time so you can try it out for a very reasonable price!

What are you waiting for?


We were sent a 3 book Bookabees Subscription Box free of charge, all opinions and words are my own. Using my referral code it means I get some Bookabees credit so I can buy more Bookabees Boxes. 

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