It’s probably no surprise to my regular readers that we are big fans of STEM toys and books. So when I was asked to take a look at the Detective Dot Megapack, I couldn’t for it to arrive as I knew my daughter was going to love it!

Detective Dot Megapack - Review
Detective Dot is aimed at 7 year olds, so again my daughter will get most out of it when she is a little older, but that hasn’t stopped us from having lots of fun with it now. She loves the book and all of the other goodies that are included.

Detective Dot Megapack - Review - Envelope

Here is some information about the Megapack: Nine-year-old tech whizz Detective Dot, an agent of the C.I.A (Children’s Intelligence Agency), is on a mission to investigate teenage trillionaire Shelley Belley. This adventure story covers the core concepts of the primary school coding curriculum whilst also getting children excited to join the best kid spy organisation in the world. The Mega Pack includes six fun missions to complete, stickers, a personalised letter and a verified CIA membership card. The company behind Detective Dot are strong advocators for a more diverse STEM workforce and are creating stories to inspire the next generation of coders. 

Detective Dot Megapack - Review - Open Book Page 1

My daughter was so excited when her Detective Dot: Megapack arrived, she couldn’t wait to open it. And the fact that a full length book is included in it was the icing on the cake. Detective Dot has won awards and it’s easy to see why. The Megapack is fantastic, and it’s great to see a company focused on introducing coding to a wide range of children, especially those who are usually underrepresented in children’s books.

Detective Dot Megapack - Review - Open Book Illustrations

The book is wonderful, and I love that we have a bold female protagonist in Detective Dot. The illustrations which are peppered throughout the book are wonderful. Bold and striking in black and white, they really add something to the story.

I have included Detective Dot: Megapack in STEM gift ideas as I think it’s the perfect STEM gift for any young child. And if you are looking for some more STEM suggestions then you can check out my guide here. And if you want more information about the Megapack then you can check out the Detective Dot Website.

We were sent a Detective Dot Megapack for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are my own, with the exception of the product description which is shown above in italics.