I have been very busy recently putting the final touches to Boo’s Book Advent Calendar and I have found some truly wonderful books, and one of those books is Boo and The Magic Chair: The Search for Santa. It’s a wonderful personalised children’s book, where your little one searches for Santa with the aid of a magical chair! I have edited the photos in Boo book, so I could share them- but in her actual book it’s her name and not her nickname.

The Magic Chair The Search for Santa Book Review - a wonderful personalised book that would make the perfect gift

It’s a great Christmas themed book, and I am happy to include it in Boo’s Book Advent for this year. I must confess I hadn’t heard of The Magic Chair books before, but there are a few already, including Travel Through Time and Adventures Around the World. I love personalised books, and I think these are wonderful for helping to get young children really involved and engaged with a story. The full range is available on The Magic Chair Website.The Search for Santa, Boo's Book

The process for creating the book is very simple, you need a first name, and also you can write who the book is from (this features on the bottom of the front cover). Then on to the exciting bit, creating the character, there are a good number of options to choose from. This means you can personalise the character without being overwhelmed with choice. You can choose gender, hair style and colour, eye colour and the outfit the child is wearing. There is also the option to add glasses if your child wears them too.

Boo and The Search for Santa

The illustrations in the book are lovely and cartoony and the warmth of the colour in them really lends to the Christmassy theme.  The illustration of the child is lovely and Boo realised that it represented her straight away. I don’t want to give too much away but the story follows the child as they search for Santa at various Christmas themed places, like the Snowman’s Christmas Ball.

I think that the Magic Chair and the Search for Santa, or the other books in the series if this one is anything to go by, would make a great Christmas or Birthday present for a child.  The Search for Santa would also make a wonderful addition to a book advent calendar if you are creating one for you little ones!

We were sent a copy of The Magic Chair and the Search for Santa free of charge. However, all opinions and words are my own.

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