Ok, so it may be a little self indulgent to share my wishlist on my blog, but hey, it’s my blog and I can do what I want too! I have created a few gift guides for – you can check them out here if you fancy a look. But this one is purely for me, what I would like – though I am sure that the things on here will appeal to a lot of people. Here goes!

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I am going to start off with a basic one there, but for me you can’t go wrong with chocolate as a present (unless it’s dark chocolate than yuk!) I love Thornton’s chocolates and my absolute favourite is the Cappuccino ones (in case you were wondering). I love boxes of chocolates as Christmas presents and it’s something you can open immediately and share with everyone, which makes it a little present for everyone there.

Gaming Mouse
I am still a fan of World of Warcraft after all these years, and though I did have a Steelseries WoW gaming mouse, sadly it is no longer working so I need a new one. I have seen several that I love and I am keeping fingers crossed I am lucky enough to get one for Christmas. I really love the look of *this one (in case any of my family are reading this…)

Olverum Bath Oil*
I love getting a lovely hot bath, not only is it super relaxing but the heat helps with the pain I suffer with caused by my Fibromyalgia, so soaking in a hot bath is really amazing for me. Add in Olverum Bath Oil and you are on to a winner – it smells divine. I cannot accurately describe the smell to you, I don’t have the words! I already have a bottle of this, but I definitely need more so that I never ever run out of this magical stuff. I have found that it not only helps me relax but it really does help sooth my sore muscles. And I love that it makes my skin feel super soft too. Olverum Bath Oil is available from Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick. It’s available in 3 sizes, 250ml (50 baths), 125ml (25 baths) and travel (9 baths) which are £53, £29 and £19 respectively.

Olverum Bath Oil - Bottle and Box

Ok, ok this is probably me repeating myself seeing as I have already done a Gift Guide for Bookworms and a more specific Harry Potter themed Gift Guide too but seriously you can not have enough books. And my wishlist for books is so long it’s starting to be a bit crazy.

Random Tshirts
I am really not sure what to say, I do love random Tshirts, Alice in Wonderland themed things are always a hit, for my birthday I was given a “Stay Weird” Alice in Wonderland tshirt and I love it, and this one here “We are all mad here” is gorgeous too. I live in jeans and my Dr Martens so random tshirts are always going to work with that.

Travel Electric Toothbrush
Ok so this might be one strange Christmas Gift, but I love my electric toothbrush, as issues with my hands and their lack of strength etc means that I have to have an electric toothbrush rather than a manual one. I love this Travel Electric Toothbrush* by Sonic Chic, as it’s will be great for when we are away for a few days. Taking my ‘proper’ electric toothbrush is a bit of a faff and this is perfect. It even comes with a spare head and the battery too!

Travel Electric Toothbrush from Sonic Chic

Hand Cream
I struggle with really dry skin, and on my hands it is especially bad. It can crack and bleed and feels sore – the cold weather definitely makes it worse. So something like Dr. Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Hand and Nail Treatment* is a real treat for me. I also like the Skin Lotion*, which is also available.

Dr Organic Hemp Oil Hand and Skin Duo

Who doesn’t love shoes? I always fall in love with shoes when I am out shopping but by the time I find a pair I like that acutally comes in my size they look more like canoes than shoes and I feel sad. Shoes look so much nicer when they are in tiny sizes. One of the few exceptions I have found to this rule is Dr Martens – they are gorgeous no matter what the size – I love my new Rainbow Glitter DMs and I would love another pair of DMs maybe something fancy like *these ones embroidered with roses.

7th Heaven Goodies*
Now as well as a bath, I am partial to a bit of pampering, and I love the facemask from 7th Heaven. Not only are there so many to choose from – so you can find the one that suits your skin type, but they are cruelty-free too! There are a range of 7th Heaven hampers available including a “Basket full of Goodies” which has the most amazing range of face masks and even a couple of bath bombs too!

Subscription Box
I love getting nice post (which basically means any post that isn’t a bill!) so a monthly subscription box is the perfect present for me. I love that it spreads the excitement over the next few months. There is literally a subscription box for everything – I love book themed boxes (I subscribe to FairyLoot myself as it’s just amazing). But there are food, craft, and all sorts of fandom themed boxes out there.  Cratejoy is a fab place to start looking for subscription boxes.

Five Fairyloot Boxes and their contents


Do you like the sound of any of these? What’s top of your Christmas wishlist this year?


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