I am completely in Christmas mode now, though I prepare for Christmas throughout the year as spreading the cost of Christmas over 12 months makes sense, especially as my daughter’s birthday is in December too. (I am planning a party for her this year and that is going to also take some time too.) I thought I would share some of the stocking fillers I have picked up as I am always looking for ideas, and I hope this might help someone else wondering what on earth to buy too!

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Colouring Pencils and Felt Tips*
You really can’t get better than *colouring pencils or *felt tips. If I give my daughter some paper, pens and scissors – she had a fantastic time (and sometimes I am lucky enough that I get a sit down and a cup of hot tea whilst she draws!) I love the Bic range of colouring pencils and felt tips, the colours are so vibrant and the range is really pocket friendly too.

Itty Bittys*
Oh these are so cute and the range is amazing, there are so many to choose from – so there really is something for everyone. They are tiny enough that they make the perfect travelling companion. My daughter loves to hide them in pockets. You can see my full review of some of the collection here. My personal favourites are *Beauty and the Beast, as it’s one of my favourite Disney movies.

Itty Bittys Collections on a white background

Mr Men and Little Miss Books
Ok I thought I might get away with a gift guide which didn’t feature any books, but I can’t quite manage it! I love the Mr Men and Little Miss books, I remember reading them as a child and I love that my daughter loves them now too. The new books in the series are also lots of fun. This one is going to be a hit as my daughter loves space at the minute. *Mr Men Trip to the Moon is a new favourite for us and the ending really made me giggle.

Teletubbies Books*
Ok, ok, I know! More books (but seriously can you have too many books? I don’t think so!) These are really cute, my daughter loves the revamped Teletubbies show and the books (which use stills from the cartoon are a nice way to bridge that gap between TV and reading) *A Snowy Day is a fun lovely book, everything you would expect from the Teletubbies. I also love the Activity book – it’s got lots of pages and some stickers too (and who doesn’t love stickers?) The fact that the Activity Book has a handle is so cute too.

Board Games
There are some really amazingly cheap board games out there right now. I managed to pick up a *Frozen Ludo for £5 which is awesome – I love a bargain. (though technically this one isn’t going to fit in to a stocking. There are also some really fab games for the under 5’s in Mothercare too and their selection is definitely worth checking out.

Pokemon Plushies*
I love that Pokemon seems to be gaining popularity again (did it every really fade?) It’s so cute to see all things Pokemon related. There are some really cute plushies of the new Pokemon like Litten, which my daughter loves. Eevee is still my favourite though.
Stocking Fillers - Litten

What are your favourite stocking fillers for young children?


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