I thought that I would share some of my favourite Personalised Children’s Books as I think they make wonderful Christmas (and Birthday) presents. I know that as a child I would have loved to have all of these personalised books, and I am glad that I am able to get them for my daughter as she adores them.

The Best Personalised Children's Books

Once Upon a Time: Personalised Fairy Tale Book
I am starting with this one as it’s simply gorgeous inside and out. It is a very special book and inside it contains 12 classic fairy tales. The personalised element comes from the child’s name in every illustration, as well as a personalised message on the title page. I have decided to give my daughter it for her 4th birthday and I know that it is going to make the most amazing gift. If you want to know more you can have a read of my full review of Once Upon a Time.

Illustrated Page of Once Upon a Time featuring a castle - personalised children's books

Wise-ish Words
I know this book is aimed at children a little older than the others, but I just had to include it in my gift guide as it’s just so wonderful. I think that it would be suitable to read with children when they are younger than the 9-13 guide for this book. The pictures are bold and engaging and as it can be personalised completely the sky really is the limit. I know that my daughter (who is 4 next month) will adore looking at her Wise-ish words book and having the quotes read to her. I’ve done a full review of Wise-ish Words if you want some more information.

personalised children's books - wise-ish words - If you stumble, do a little twirl and make it a dance


Adventures in Petlandia
I love this book because is something a bit different, it would work well for anyone who has a pet I think, but it is truly wonderful for children. There are fun pictures, the rhyming text is really funny and the message at the end is a happy one (no spoilers!). Not only does it feature the childs name but also their pet, in our case it was one of our rabbits Taylor who is a blue eyed, blue split mini lop. I think from the options I captured her likeness well. You can also include cats and dogs in the book as well as rabbits. You can check out my review of Taylor’s Adventures in Petlandia here. And see the Adventures in Petlandia Website here.

Taylor's Adventures in Petlandia Book Cover Front - personalised children's books

Message in a Bottle
I am so in love with the Message in a Bottle book, it was a pleasure to be involved in the process leading up to it’s creation. And I am always so happy when my daughter chooses it for her bedtime story (or to read at any other time of the day) which is often. It’s a fabulous book about friendship and it’s personalised in the most amazing way. You can see my full review of the Message in a Bottle Book here. Or you can check out the Message in a Bottle Website.

personalised children's books - message in a bottle

This is a personalised children’s books subscription box I have just discovered and it’s fab. Each month your child is sent a number of books (there are three subscription options) along with some goodies. I think this combines two things I love – happy post and books! The subscriptions are very reasonably priced, starting at £4.99 At the end of the month you send the books back ready for getting your next month’s box. You can choose to buy the books at 50% of the RRP. You can find out more if you check out my review of the Bookabees Subscripton Box here or at the Bookabees website.

Bookabees Subscription Box Contents - personalised children's books

Do you love personalised children’s books? Which are you favourites?


We were sent copies of Once Upon a Time, Wise-ish Words, and Taylor’s Adventures in Petlandia and a month’s subscription to Bookabees free of charge but all opinions and words are my own.