One of the things I love about Christmas is making our own Christmas cards.  We made our own last year and it was lots of fun (and very messy!).  And I definitely wanted to continue the tradition this year too.   So here is a fun and easy design of Christmas cards for toddlers to make. (and for me – someone who really isn’t any good at craft-y things!)

Christmas Tree Christmas Cards for toddlers to make - an easy and fun Christmas Card for toddlers to make!

Making our own Christmas cards was one of the things we did when I was a child and I always enjoyed making them.  And they were always really well received.  Well except for the one relative who – unbeknownst to me until I was older – used to send my mum packs of Christmas cards every year so we could use those instead (clearly our cards weren’t as awesome as I thought!)

But anyway on to these Christmas cards for toddlers to make for this year…

I figured you can’t really go wrong with a Christmas Tree, and glitter – you always need glitter! I cut out lots of almost triangle shaped pieces of green card in three different sizes.  Some of them trees turned out better than others but they looked ok for the most part and as even Boo recognised what they were I decided that we were on the right track!

Easy Toddler Christmas Cards - what you needAfter gluing them together in threes, I then (because I couldn’t help myself) zigagged round the edge of our Christmas tree with glitter glue.  I liked the way that the green and red looked together so I went with that for all trees.Easy Toddler Christmas Cards - Christmas Trees

Next with our multicoloured circles of card Boo stuck the ‘baubles’ on her Christmas trees, she had lots of fun doing this though it wasn’t just the trees that ended up covered in baubles but the table, Boo, me and the floor.  Boo asked me to put the glue on after a while and she wanted to stick the baubles on, though she pointed to where she wanted the glue. (she is still not a massive fan of getting her hands dirty – which is strange, when you think that she doesn’t mind her face being covered in chocolate.)

Christmas Tree Christmas Cards for toddlers to make

After that all that was left for me to do was to stick the trees on to the card background which I had already written ‘Merry Christmas’ on.

I am really pleased by how these have turned out.  I think they look very festive and we had lots of fun making them.

Do you make your own Christmas cards?