I love soft toys, and my daughter does too. She has a crazy and amazing collection of soft toys and she likes to choose a few each night to have a sleepover in her bed. To be honest I like that she isn’t attached to one in particular (how could I forgive myself if I lost her favourite nighttime teddy!)

Four Itty Bittys with a white background. Robin, Belle, The Beast and The Joker

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It really doesn’t get cuter than the Itty Bittys from Hallmark – I’ve loved the range ever since I saw my nephew with his Batman Itty Bitty, and my daughter fell in love with them too. I was asked if we would like to have some Itty Bittys to see what we thought about them. I asked for Beauty and the Beast because it is one of my daughter’s favourite Disney films (It also happens to be mine too!)

I think they are both so cute. It’s nice to see *Belle in her blue dress rather than the usual yelllow, and the detail on *The Beast Itty Bitty is just amazing. My daughter enjoys making them dance together, and serving them tea from her Belle Princess Tea Cart. Beauty always gets the Chip cup (which I think means she is the favourite).

I also asked for *The Joker and *Robin, as not only will they be fun when my nephew comes to visit with his Batman Itty Bitty, but my daughter also loves the Joker. For some reason she likes ‘baddies’ she adores Gru from Despicable Me and Grandmaster Glich from the Go Jetters! I hope this means that she is not going to be an evil genius when she grows up!

There are so many amazing Itty Bittys and you can see some of the collections below. It you want to see the full range you can check out the Hallmark website.

Itty Bittys Collections on a white background

I know I probably shouldn’t mention the C word this early in November – but I can’t resist mentioning that I think the Itty Bittys would make fantastic stocking fillers for Christmas. And the huge range of Itty Bittys means that there is an Itty Bitty for everyone!

We were sent the four Itty Bittys shown in our photos, Beauty, The Beast, The Joker and Robin, however all opinions and words are my own. 

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