The Christmas period can be such a busy time, with lots of shopping to do and all kinds of festive events and activities to enjoy throughout December, and when it comes to the home there are a few areas that will require some key preparation to ensure you’re ready for the big day. Whether you’re having the family round for Christmas day, or you have friends coming to your New Years party, there are always going to be friends and family coming and going throughout the festive period so it’s important that the house is ready for them. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is by far the most important room of the house throughout the Christmas period, and these key tips will help you to prepare the kitchen and achieve a cracking Christmas!

The Key Steps to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Cracking Christmas

Made to Measure
Whilst it may not have ever crossed your mind before, measuring certain features in the kitchen is actually really important. On Christmas day, no matter how many people you’re preparing dinner for, there are always going to be a number of pots, pans and trays to help cook everything in an organised fashion. The perfect example of this is the turkey, as dependant on the size of the bird, you need to ensure it fits neatly into your oven and onto the tray. The last thing you want is for the big day to come and you to realise your turkey doesn’t quite fit into the oven! You should also figure out exactly how much of each thing you’re going to be cooking and make sure you have plenty of appliances to help throughout this process.

Clean and Shiny
When you open up your home to friends and family, you want to ensure it’s as fresh and welcoming as possible. Your home is a representation of your own lifestyle and personality, so you want to make sure it’s as homely as you can. Give your kitchen a thorough clean, including your cream gloss kitchen cupboards and marble flooring, as this will instantly lift the atmosphere and create a warm and welcoming feel. You should also give the fridge a good cleanout, as the festive period is going to see lots and lots of food that you’ll need plenty of storage space for. Now is the perfect time to throw away any items from the fridge that may have gone past their sell-by date, as you don’t want to come to use it on Christmas morning and find it’s not in date, especially when all of the shops will be closed!

Deck the Halls
One of the best ways to get your home into the Christmas spirit is to add some beautiful decorations to brighten up the décor and bring the festive feeling. From gorgeous garlands and wreaths, to subtle fairy lights and delicate candles, there are so many lovely Christmas décor touches that you can introduce to your interiors to enhance the overall look. By decorating the kitchen as well as the rest of the house you can keep the Christmas feel running throughout your home, which is perfect when you’re using the room a lot throughout that time period.

Warm Atmosphere
Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere within your home is essential, especially throughout the Christmas period. Two of the best ways to do this are by introducing some gorgeous scented candles to each room, which will fill the air with a lovely aroma as well as adding a delicate glow from the candlelight. You can also add fairy lights to each room to balance out the subtle lighting and make it really cosy and warm. Then you have music, which is a must for this time of the year. Whether you choose to play Christmas songs on repeat, or some softer music to fit into the background, this will really help to give your interiors a relaxed, Christmassy feel.


Written by Emma Blaylock. Sponsored Post.