Boo and I have been doing more and more crafts now that she is a little older and wants to be involved in making, sticking, gluing, colouring and most importantly making lots of mess and having fun. We got crafty at Halloween and we made our own Christmas cards, and more recently we have been starting our Valentine’s themed crafts with a sweetie jar.

10 Amazing Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Toddlers - sharing 10 wonderful ideas I have found on Pinterest

I love getting inspiration from Pinterest so I thought I would share some of the amazing crafts and activities I have found on there and that Boo and I will be getting up to over the next month! I have set up a Valentine’s Day Pinterst board will these and other ideas so please check it out.

So here are 10 Amazing Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for toddlers. I love them all becuase they look fun and easy to do, and I am sure Boo and I are going to be able to do all of them together (fingers and toes crossed on the Salt Dough hearts as we haven’t had much luck with salt dough so far!)

  1. Salt Dough Hand and Food Hearts (Rhythms of Play)
    Salt Dough Hearts A
  2. Flower Crafts for Kids (JDaniel4’s Mom)
    Valentine-Ideas-Flower-Craft-for-Kids-Completed A
  3. Paper Plate Heart Bag (The Creative Pair)
    How+to+make+a+valentines+heart+bag A
  4. Heart Shaped Valentine Animals (Crafty Morning)
    heart-shaped-valentines-day-animal-crafts A
  5. Valentine’s Day Glitter Slime – with only 2 ingredients! (Inspiration Laboratories)
    Glitter Slime A
  6. Mail Box Sorting Activity (Royal Baloo)
    Mailbox Sorting Activity A
  7. Tape Resist Banner (Craftulate)
    TapeResistBanner A
  8. Shake It Up Hearts (Sunny Day Family)
    shake it up hearts A
  9. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bins (The Jenny Evolution)
    valentine sensory bins A
  10. Simple Valentine’s Day Cards (Views from a Step Stool)
    Simple Valentines CardsDon’t they all look like so much fun! Boo and I are going to have a great with all of these between now and Valentine’s Day!  I will hopefully be sharing what we get up to (and all the mess we have made!)Do you have any Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for toddlers?

Image Sources: All images are from the websites shown above them.