The theme for this month’s Bostik Bloggers was Snow, which is just lovely. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we get some snow over the winter.  I thought a 3D snow themed picture would be fun to make with Boo. We squeezed in as many snowy things as we could in to our 3D Snow Picture. A snow man, clouds, and some falling snow. Boo wanted to add a starry sky (she is obsessed with space right now) and i think it works really well!

3D Snow Picture - a fun and simple Winter themed craft for Toddlers and Prechoolers

To make your own 3D snow picture you will need a cardboard box, coloured foam and card, ‘fake snow’, scissors, glue, glitter glu pens, ribbon and and some sticky tape.

3D Snow Picture - You Will Need

We taped up the back of the carboard box and trim the front of the box, three short sides and we gave one a curve to make a snowdrift.3D Snow Picture Cardboard Box

We then fitted a sheet of dark blue foam to make our sky, and filled in the base of the picture with our fake snow and some white felt. Along with some white pompoms too. It’s all great for adding texture which Boo loves to touch now that our 3D Snow Picture is finished.

3D Snow Picture - Snowman


We also made a snowman from white foam, with black cardboard buttons and a hat. Boo chose a lovely checked ribbon for his scarf.When our snowman was finished (complete with his carrot nose) we then stuck him to the back of box against the blue foam of the sky. .

We then added some stars to the picture with the Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen and we stuck snow to the top of the box.

3D Snow Picture - Glu Pen

Once the inside of the picture was finished we then decorated the outside of the box to make the frame for our photo, this was done using the Fine and Wide Glu Pen and some patterned card. Boo also wanted to add a lovely large white foam snowflake with gems on to ours too.

3D Snow Picture - sticking

We also added a bit of patterns felt to the front of the snow drift at the bottom of the photo – though you could have the card frame go all the way round if you wanted to. If you want to keep off the pompoms inside the photo you could cover the front in cellphane before you add the cardboard frame.

Our 3D Snow Picture

We had so much fun making it and we love our 3D Snow Picture and we hope you do too!

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3D Snow Picture - Winter themed craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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We were sent a box of craft supplies as part of our work with Tots100 as Bostik Bloggers.