Boo and I have been doing lots of crafts recently, making the most of Halloween (and once that’s done then we get get started on Christmas! hurrah!). But in the middle of all our Halloween Crafts we have done some Bonfire Night Crafts as this was the theme for our Bostik Bloggers craft for October.

Bonfire Night Crafts - Making a fun Bonfire Night themed picture, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers

Resisting the temptation to do lots and lots of firework crafts, I thought it would be nice to make a Bonfire picture. I wasn’t exactly sure how this would work out when I had the idea – the idea did seem like a good one. I wanted it to be something that Boo and I could do together, so that she would be in charge of things. In the end she wanted to be the boss and tell me where things should go (some days she really does not like getting her hands covered in anything!). She loved sticking the leaves and the tissue paper on though, and scrunching the tissue paper up.

For this Bonfire Night Craft you will need – a big piece of card (probably best if it’s black or dark blue), some twigs and leaves (we used lolly sticks and fake leaves but it would work really well with real twigs and leaves), tissue paper, glittery red card and glue (and stickers and glitter/glitter pens, if like me, you can’t resist adding fireworks!) and scissors.

Bonfire Night Crafts - you will need

I cut out the red glitter card and some tissue paper in to a fire shape, and we then stuck them together and on to the card.  Boo then scrunched up the tissue paper for more flames (I think this adds a nice bit of texture to the fire).  After that it was time for our twigs and leaves… or lolly sticks and leaves.

Bonfire Night Crafts - step 1 - 3

Then our fire was finished. Doing the picture portrait instead of landscape meant we had lots of room in the ‘sky’ for Boo to stick star-firework stickers on and then we added the glitter pen detail. Though after a couple of fireworks Boo decided she wanted to direct me so I added the glitter until it was time for the blue glitter and then it was Boo’s turn again!

Bonfire Night Crafts - Finishing Touches

We love our Bonfire Night picture. It was lots of fun, and we are collected twigs and leaves so we can make another one!

Like the look of our picture and planning some Bonfire Night Crafts? Why not pin it for later?

Bonfire Night Crafts - making a glittery bonfire night picture, lots of fun for toddlers and preshoolers.

We were sent a box of craft materials to complete this challenge as part of the #BostikBloggers campaign with Tots100