I love getting post, (well except if it’s a bill) but I can honestly say I was really looking forward to my #BostikBloggers craft box this month – the theme is Easter Crafts and I couldn’t wait for Boo and I to get stuck in to some easy Easter Crafts for toddlers!

Easy Easter Crafts sharing some of the crafts we have been up to as part of the #BostikBloggers 2016

The box was filled with lovely things – just as it was last month with the Valentine’s Box – and I think we had even more fun with our crafts this month! And there was so much to choose from the box I have decided to share a few of the things we have been up too.

First of all, something really easy and really cute – little pipe cleaner finger puppets.  I love pipe cleaners and we have used lots of them in our crafts though Boo likes to wave then about like bendy furry swords which does make me a little anxious!

You start by winding half the pipe cleaner around your finger, or if they stay still long enough you could try using your toddler’s finger – Boo wasn’t impressed by that idea so we had to use mine! You will end up with something like this.Then to make the little rabbit one (which does look like a rabbit if you look really hard!) you then bend the ears round and turn the end of the pipe cleaner round and round so it doesn’t stick out.Then you get a bit of glue and glue a pompom on to the pipe cleaner to make the head.  We then finished off with two googly eyes, Boo really loved sticking the eyes on, and choosing which colours she was going to use to make the puppets.

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Rabbit Puppet

I made a butterfly one too, which used an extra pipe cleaner to make the wings and then simply wrap the middle-top part of the wings into where you join the end of the pipe cleaner between the ears/antennae. And again add a pompom and some eyes.

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Butterfly Finger Puppet

Boo also insisted I make a caterpillar to go with the butterfly so that was just a pipe cleaner wrapped all the way round and a pompom tucked in the end – I couldn’t find any more eyes – so this caterpillar is sleeping!

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Finger Puppets

Next we made some lovely little chick egg holders, these were really simple to make, and I think they would make great little baskets to hide the eggs for an Easter Egg hunt if they were dotted about in the garden (let’s hope for some nice weather!)

These were toilet roll tubes cut in half and then I cut yellow card to length and sprayed them with the Bostik multipurpose spray glue – which was messier than I had anticipated so I got my husband to do it after that! If I were to make these again, I would go for the white glue we used last time – because it was less messy. Though the spray glue really stuck well we didn’t use it around Boo.

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Chick Egg Holders 1

I then cut out shapes for the wings, feet and beak.  We used BluTak for the feet as I thought that might help with a little bit of stability once the egg was in.  I then drew some eyes on. I then let Boo fasten the wings and beak on to the chicks body when they had had a little Bostik white glue on them.  Next I rolled a long thin piece of BluTak and tucked it just inside the top of the tube so that the egg end could sit in there and I was a little less worried about it falling out.

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Chick Egg Holders 2

And I as put the egg in I fastened a thin strip of cardboard in to form the handle. I think these look really cute!

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Chick Egg Holders 3

And it wouldn’t be Easter without Easter Bonnets – I had two left over from last year – and so Boo had a go at making one and my husband decided he wanted to make one too! Boo’s was a kind of stick everything on with glue approach but she wanted us to do it (she is not a fan of getting her hands dirty at times, and I don’t think she liked the glue – she was happy to do the stickers though!

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Boo's Easter Bonnet

She was very good at telling us where things should go though!

I also love my husband’s Easter Bonnet – and Boo loved to try and steal the eggs whilst she was helping to make it!

Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers - Easter Bonnet 2

What crafts have you got planned this Easter?

Disclaimer: I have been provided with some of these materials for the purpose of this post from Tots100/Bostik Bloggers 2016.