Boo and I have been getting more in to the Halloween spirit this week and doing lots of Halloweeny things, (and I have been trying to start making her costume.) As Boo is only 22 months old, I am picking things that are relatively easy for us to do, mainly because I am not very crafty.  After the Paper Plate Ghosts we have moved on to Glass Jar Lanterns.

Halloween Crafts Glass Jar Lanterns - keeping in the Halloween spirit Boo and I made glass jar lanterns

I decided we would try to make two, and for easy and to make them both very different I thought we would give a Pumpkin and a Frankenstein  a go.

The Pumpkin is made with orange crepe paper (which I think works better and lets more light through from the battery operated tea lights than the tissue paper we used for the Frankenstein).  Boo had endless fun with the glue, but mainly attempting to paint her own arm.

Once both of the jars were covered and we cut the shapes out to make the faces so that Boo could stick them on.  Boo smashed the first few ‘eyes’ before she realised she needed to be more gentle. She kept trying to pull the parts she had already stuck on off again, which didn’t work especially well with the tissue paper as it got a bit soggy as she was fairly liberal with the glue! But she got the hang of things for the pumpkin.

She had great fun, but by the end of the second jar her attention was starting to wander, I think for this Halloween at least, two jars was the right number.

Halloween Crafts Glass Jar Lanterns

This was really easy to do and it was also good practice for Boo with parts of the face and where they go.  She loved making the two jars and is very impressed with how they glow when the lights are turned off.

A real success, I think next time though I would use glass jars with screw on lids rather than the metal clasps (which were just the ones I had handy) as they will be easier to fix the Frankenstein hair and the green top of the Pumpkin one.

I am going put these our living room window for Halloween evening!