I have to confess I was really looking forward to this month’s box of craft goodies for Bostik Bloggers –  I am a huge fan of Halloween and Boo and I had so much fun last year with Halloween themed crafts – here’s what we got up to last year. This year I thought it would be nice to make some Halloween puppets which Boo could play with after she has made them.

halloween puppets toddler and preschool crafts fun and simple crafts perfect for halloween

We made lots of different types of puppets, some using the large foam shapes which were in the box – which we added backing colours too – like the skulls eyes and nose and a lolly stick. Boo loves gluing and sticking things – and the Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen is perfect for her to use, small enough that she can hold it and it doesn’t need too much pressure to get the glue out so she can do most of the gluing herself.


As you can see as well as a Halloween theme there was also have a glittery theme running through out crafty makes. Boo is currently obsessed with glitter and wanted to put it on everything – I suppose after Halloween is over the glitter everywhere in the house will make it look festive for Christmas!


For the spider I cut the body and the leg shapes from a piece of black foam shapes and then let Boo stick them on, she was so careful with each leg. And really focused on where she was going to put each one – it’s lovely to see how her skills and her concentration develop each time we do some crafts.


After that it was a case of letting the puppets dry before we decorated them with ridiculous amounts of glitter. This is usually the hardest thing for Boo, as at two and a half she doesn’t have great patience and wants to play with them straight away. So we made some paper ghosts – i love the fact that Boo drew on hers, she drew the eyes first and I am so impressed with how round they are! Then the nose and finally the big mouth.  I am not sure what we will do with these ghosts yet – maybe make more and make a chain of glittery ghosts?


What do you think of our Halloween Puppets? Have you got any Halloween Crafts planned?

Like the look of these fab puppets? Why not pin this for later?

Halloween Puppets puppets toddler and preschool crafts simple and fun crafts for todlders and preschoolers for halloween lots of fun to make and to play with

We were sent a box of craft materials to complete this challenge as part of the #BostikBloggers campaign with Tots100 .