This month’s theme for our #BostikBloggers is Jungle – and Boo was very excited when she opened the box – there was lots of bright colours and pipe cleaners (which are a favourite of Boo’s).   I decided we should have a go at making some Jungle themed rainsticks as Boo like any toddler loves to make lots and lots of noise!

Jungle themed rainsticks - a simple and easy jungle themed craft perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. A wonderful musical craft

We made four different jungle themed rainsticks, a tiger, a tree, a snake and a parrot, I wanted to go for different textures for each one. We used toilet roll cardboard tubes, stickytape, Bostik White Glu, Bostik Glu Dots and lots of different things for decoration – including patterned card, foam, felt, pipe cleaners and feathers.

Jungle Themed Rainsticks - What you will need

I used two toilet roll tubes stuck together with sticky tape and then covered one end in stickytape – poured in the rice and then sealed the other end in the same way.  I used different amounts of rice to see which is better – and I think a good handful makes for the best sound.

Jungle themed rainsticks tubes

The tiger one is smooth made with patterned card and finished off with a stripey pipe cleaner tail.  The tree was made with a brown felt trunk and green felt leaves. The snake is crumpled tissue paper – which I thought gave a good effect for the skin with green felt ‘scales’ and a red pipe cleaner tongue.  And for the parrot one we used orange foam and green and purple feathers.

Jungle Themed Rainsticks - Tiger Rainstick

The decorations were fairly simple to make and Boo was able to help me with everything except the stickytape as she tends to just try to stick it to herself! The card and foam and felt were attached to the cardboard tubes using Bostik White Glu and I found the Bostik Glu Dots really effective for sticking the feathers to the foam for the parrot rainstick. For the felt leaves on the tree, I attached them to the tube with patterned stickytape.

Jungle Themed Rainsticks - Tree Rainstick

They were so simple to make and Boo has such a great time making and playing with them.

Jungle Themed Rainsticks - Rainsticks 4

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Jungle themed rainsticks - a simple and easy jungle themed craft perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. A wonderful music craft

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We were sent a box of craft materials to complete this challenge as part of the #BostikBlogger campaign with Tots100