After dipping my toe in to the world of Pinterst I got lots of inspiration and thought it would be a lovely idea to so something with paper plates, rather than just painting on paper/card.  Boo had lots of fun, and most importantly she got her hands covered in paint and didn’t want them wiped instantly – yes my toddler seems to not want to have dirty hands – hmm. So here you have Boo’s first ever paper plate creation… Paper Plate Flowers

Paper Plate Flowers - Last week Boo and I had a go at crafting some paper plate flowers...

I am keen to get Boo painting, and drawing, in fact we spend a lot of time outside now that the weather is better doodling in the garden with chalks (or rather I doodle and Boo runs about like a mad thing and throws her chalks down the slide).  We have also been doing some painting and drawing (mainly scribbly rainbows or if I am really luck Boo just eats the crayons).

So stage 1 –  painting the plates, we also had a go at creating a paper plate bird but I am saving that masterpiece for a post which will probably be entitled – “What is that supposed to be? Oh Pinterest I hate you….” I decided to let Boo pick the colours she would like to use, first pink…

Paper Plate Crafts - Flowers 1

And then blue (notice if you will the blue hand! which Boo had not instantly requested be cleaned!)

Paper Plate Crafts - Flowers 5

To begin things went well – most of the paint ended up on the paper plate and not on my table, some even ended up on Boo’s hands, which again is all good… but evidently Boo found this to be too small of a challenge and decided she would see what she would look like with a few tattoos…

Paper Plate Crafts - Flowers 3

After a little while and a lot of mess!  We had created something! After the paint dried the next day we did the cutting and sticking to add the back ground, stem and leaves, Boo just stuck her hands to the table, and then waved the glue brush around for a while.

So the finished article is …

Paper Plate Crafts - Flowers 4

I am actually quiet impressed with our first paper plate craft attempt (let’s just ignore any mention of the bird) I like the fact that the painting is 100% Boo and with a little help we got something that looked recognisable.

Three things I have learnt from this … (aside from the main point that Boo and I both had a lot of fun!)

1. Buy a coverall apron and use it – otherwise Boo is going to have no clothes left without paint stains.

2. I am going to need a lot of practice to (and a lot more time on Pinterest) to get any good at this as evidently I have no creative bones in my body!

3. Anything that we make is probably going to end up more on the ‘nailed it’ Pinterest boards than anywhere else – but we are new to all this so eventually we could end up making something decent – one day… hehehe.

What was your first craft creation?