We have been enjoying the weather and enjoying doing lots of crafts this last month – so Boo was very happy when our Bostik Box arrived in the post – she can recognize it now! And the theme was weather! I decided that it would be fun to make a big poster/chart so that we could check the weather each day and change our poster to reflect the day’s weather.

Weather Chart Craft for toddlers - a fun and simple craft to make a weather chart poster - to help with learning about the weather for toddlers and preschoolers

Boo has great fun running to the glass doors in the dining room in the morning with me and telling me what the weather is and selecting which card or cards need to go on to her poster. This Weather Chart Craft is fab not just because it’s fun whilst you are making it but also every day after too! (well until Boo gets bored haha)

Weather Chart Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I fastened four pieces of A4 card together to form the sky and the grass for our poster – the blue takes up more than half of the rectangle because we need the extra space for the weather.  We made a lovely big tree for the middle of the poster, with tissue paper leaves.  We then added a pond because we have one in our garden.  We used the Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen to glue them on to the background card of the poster which was easy to use and the wide end of the pen makes short work of larger surface areas.

Weather Chart Craft for Toddlers

After that it was a matter of decorating it – Boo loves gluing and buttons so we made some button flowers and glued it on to our poster and then stuck lots of creepy crawlies that we often see in our garden.

Weather Chart Craft for Toddlers Blu Pen

For the weather cards themselves I cut A4 blue card – the same colour as the ‘sky’ in to quarters and then we stuck foam shapes on them to represent different types of weather.  I decided we would start off simple and so I went for sunshine, rain, cloudy, little wind and big wind (as Boo calls them) snow and lightning.

Weather Chart Craft for Toddlers - with Weather Cards

The great thing about the poster is that we can add more Weather Cards if we need too like fog or clouds without sunshine.

It’s was fun to make and Boo did most of it – sticking, and gluing. I love our lovely bright poster and it will not only help Boo learn about the weather – but also when she is doing the daily weather check with her daddy they can do it in Danish too!

We were sent a box of craft materials to complete this challenge as part of the #BostikBlogger campaign with Tots100

Weather Chart Craft for toddlers - a fun and easy craft to learn about the weather for both toddlers and preschoolers