I have a love/hate relationship with naps – I love the peace and quiet when Boo is sleep (I have only really begun to appreciate peace and quiet since becoming a parent) and there is nothing cuter than watching her when she is sleeping.  But I hate the process of getting Boo to sleep. At times I wondering if it is worth it – now that Boo is 2 and she only has one nap a day.

A Short Rant about Naps... - sharing my thoughts on my love hate relationship with naps

I know that she needs her nap though, that’s the problem, even if it takes nearly an hour to convince her of that fact. She naps for about 2 hours as an average.  She is ‘berry tired’ in her words by about 12.30 so why does she fight sleep for so long?

She clearly finds it fun to mess about in her cot – from the noises and talking and playing. I try really hard not to get frustrated, really really hard. I have, sadly, discovered that I do not, in fact, have the patience of a saint – far from it. On particularly bad days I have found myself barking ‘Boo! It’s sleepy time!’ which is probably not helping Boo settle in to a peaceful mood ready to have sweet dreams!

I guess I am fighting a loosing battle, on both fronts – all too soon those naps are going to stop and those two hours I can actually drink a warm cup of tea in will be gone and I am really going to miss them!… but also my sanity – after two years of struggling to get Boo to sleep for naps and at bedtime I am not really sure what the plan is – wait until I can bribe her?

As a baby Boo had silent reflux – so we had to resort to all sorts of weird and wonderful things to try to get her off to sleep – walking around the room with her sat upright against us but facing outwards (this was guaranteed to work if your arms where in a position which meant that they were going to go numb just as she drifted off and then you had to move and start the whole process off again!)

It wasn’t until she was one that she would actually fall asleep on a regular basis without feeding to sleep – I was, for all intents and purposes the dummy.  And even now it’s only recently that we can leave her awake in her cot (without having to be sat in there reminding her that it’s time to sleep) well I say we, what I mean is my husband. He can leave her in her cot awake and within ten minutes she will fall asleep. I, on the other hand, have at least a 20 minute fight on my hands (except for those two days when she fell asleep instantly to lull me in to a false sense of security.)

There are a whole host of delights I get to witness as I try to get Boo to sleep – which would be cute if it weren’t for the fact that she should be asleep. My current ‘favourites’ are;

  1. Boo standing in her cot yelling ‘Mummy, I awake now!’ (oh really?!?)
  2. Boo reciting parts of the alphabet or counting
  3. Boo singing the songs from Balamory, The Lion King or Frozen (and rather worrying shouting ‘I love the cutting mummy’ – which before you panic, refers to the opening ice cutting scene!)
  4. Boo trying to do a forward roll, falling into the side of her cot and it sounding like the ceiling is going to fall through
  5. Boo repeatedly (and I mean literally 30 times) until you answer her asking ‘What’s that noise?’
  6. Boo telling me that she is ‘berry tired’ as though I am the one keeping her awake!!
  7. Boo attempting to post herself through the cot bars, usually hands or feet first and then getting stuck
  8. Boo claiming, falsely, that various parts of her body are poorly followed by the demand that I kiss it better
  9. Boo asking for a cup of tea – Boo has never even had a cup of tea so I am not sure why she feels bedtime/naptime is the best time to ask for something she isn’t going to get and has never had before!
  10. Boo pretending to snore (something which she is actually quite good at – no doubt she has picked this up from listening to her daddy)

I know I am probably going to regret posting this, probably because tomorrow Boo will refuse to nap all together and I won’t get my cup or tea… or worse I will have to share it! But please tell me I am not alone in my love/hate relationship with naps…