Now that the temperature is starting to warm up and we’re heading towards spring, after spending so much of the cold winter months indoors, you might be thinking about how you can do more outdoor activities as a family. While getting outside can be really beneficial, providing your loved ones with exercise and vitamin D, it can be difficult to constantly think of new things to do.

Alternative and Fun Outdoor Adventure Ideas for the Whole Family - family fishing together

To help, below are some alternative outdoor adventure ideas to help your family have fun in the fresh air.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be such a fun way to get your family outside, turning the outdoors into one giant adventure. It may sound like a lot of work but creating a fun scavenger hunt is probably easier than you might think. Before you head out, write a list of things for your kids to find, pack a magnifying glass to look for bugs, collect leaves and flowers that you can use to create a picture, or take along a camera and have fun on a wildlife adventure safari.

Family Bike Ride

Learning to ride a bike is a big milestone for kids, so to celebrate, you can plan some fun summer family bike rides. To make your cycles more exciting, pack a picnic with your children’s favourite snacks, make up fun stories along the way and ask your kids to think of characters and plot twists, or have a sing along. If your kids are little and haven’t learnt to ride yet, these ideas will also work for a child’s bike seat or trailer.

Alternative and Fun Outdoor Adventure Ideas for the Whole Family - woman on a skateboard on a road, blue sky behind her

Try on a Skateboard

Skateboarding is a cool activity, making it a fun activity that your kids will love. You may also be surprised to find that it’s suitable for children of all ages. For little ones, hold them carefully on a skateboard, gently push them along and watch their faces light up. Or for older kids, invest in a board from Skate Hut, make sure they’re protected and head for some family fun at a skate park.

Surfing the Waves

If you live near the coast, then make the most of it with surfing. Depending on the age of your kids, this can be a great family adventure activity. If they’re a little older and competent in the water, then consider booking a family surfing lesson. Then when you’ve mastered the basics, you can hire a board and have fun surfing the waves together.

Alternative and Fun Outdoor Adventure Ideas for the Whole Family - seaside with two surfers in the distance

Wilderness Survival

Why not try an activity so your kids can learn while also having fun? Kids will love survival training! It appeals to their inquisitive nature while also providing a lot of fun. Teach them about finding good places to hide in nature and then play a game of hide and seek, or spend a day learning how to read a compass and then go on a hike.

Which outdoor activities do you like doing as a family?

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