As a child I loved visiting my grandparents. It was, to use the Danish word ‘hyggelig’. We stay for a couple of hours, got to eat as many chocolate biscuits as we could fit in which came from a bottomless biscuit tin! we even got to drink tea (mine usually had about 9 spoonfuls of sugar in it!) And if we were very lucky we were given some pocket money as we left, £2! Which, (and I sound so old writing this) was a lot of money back then. I have so many fond memories from those visits, and I am really glad that my daughter has the chance to have an even closer relationship with her grandparents.

How to be a cool grandparent

My daughter has a really wonderful relationship with my parents, and I love that she is so close to her Grandma and Grandad. She sees her Grandma most days and sees her Grandad at least twice a week. (She keeps asking when she can have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandad’s house but I am not ready for that yet!) In fact my daughter has a wonderful relationship with her Great-Grandparents too, she manages to get just as many chocolate biscuits out of them as my brother and I did! they enjoy seeing her so much and we Skype with them as often as we can as they live at the other side of the country to us now.

As embarrassing as I felt my parents were when I was growing up… my daughter already thinks they are awesome! In fact last year about this time, my daughter declared that her Grandad was cooler than Father Christmas! And you really can’t hope for higher praise than that can you? There are lots of ways to be a ‘cool grandparent’, as you can see from the infographic below. (You can see a text only version of the infographic here.  I think in a world where everything is moving really fast and at times can be a bit scary, a strong relationship with grandparents and wider family is so important.

Grandparents have an incredible amount to offer children, in terms of both love and knowledge (and of course lots of chocolate biscuits!) And did you know that there are ways grandparents can save for the future of their grandchildren tax efficiently, in a Young Savers Plan from Shepherds Friendly?

How to be a cool grandparent

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