The weather has been, slowly, getting better, and we have made the most of it by spending as much time as we can out in the garden. Our main tasks have been to create a new run for our four rabbits at the end of the garden so they can have their own space to run around outside and to dig out a vegetable patch. We made some good progress last weekend, and we finished the rabbit run and started on the vegetable patch.

In the garden - Purple Crocus in grass aerial view

We have four rabbits and whilst they could have free run of our old garden our current garden is a lot bigger and sadly not rabbit proof by a long shot. We also want to keep some areas rabbit free and some plants unnibbled. I love the run we have created and the rabbits love it too. We still need to grow some grass in there but that’s already started to appear.

in the Garden - Betty looking to escape the run

We have two rabbits called Betty and Norrie, they are our older girls who live in a hutch together, they had so much fun being out, until Norrie got a bit bossy and Betty decided she would rather go back in her hutch!

In the Garden - Norrie

Our two smaller rabbits are a Black Split Mini Lop with blue eyes called Duggee and Blue Split Mini Lop with blue eyes called Taylor. Taylor and Duggee were very happy to be out, though Duggee spent most of her time trying to talk to Norrie, who wasn’t having any of it!

In the Garden - Taylor and Duggee

We had such a lovely afternoon in the garden and my daughter had lots of fun digging for worms in the space where the vegetable patch is going to be. She found so many and added them to our compost bin. It looks so brown and dreary now but I just know it’s going to look so lovely in the spring/summer when we have a little more colour in our garden.

In the Garden - digging for worms

We also found lots of treasures when we were digging, including some lovely pebbles and stones, and of course worms, and even a feather.

In the Garden - Found a worm

But before we knew it, it was time for tea and it was time to go inside and get warm.

In the Garden - muddy wellies

We ended up with muddy hands, muddy knees and very muddy wellies which, I would say, is the sign of an afternoon well spent!

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