I love this time of year, and I love arranging for my daughter to do Christmas themed things, like seeing Santa and Christmas crafts and things. We were lucky enough to be invited to Bluestone for the last week in November and as part of our stay there we were asked if we would like to go along to the Kingdom of the Elves presents Elftopia experience.

Kingdom of the Elves at Bluestone Wales - our review

We were scheduled to go along in the middle of our stay at Bluestone on the Wednesday evening at 4pm and it lasted for over an hour which is just perfect. Before your trip to Elftopia you need to ensure that your little one has their Elf Passport and Flightsuit. The Elf Passport is collected from the reception of the Adventure Centre (which is where the the flight to Elftopia takes off from.) It’s worth getting the Elf Passport in advance as there are stamps available for other Christmas Themed activities throughout the resort.

Kingdom of the Elves - Flightsuit

Arriving 15 minutes early ensured that we had time to collected my daughter’s elf flight suit (which is totally adorable) for those children who would rather not dress up or who are too small for the suits there is a gorgeous elf teddy available instead. Once your little one is changed and has their passport ready it’s time to depart!

After going through security – make sure that you have your dancing hips on for that one – adults and little ones are checked to make sure they believe in Christmas. Then it’s on to the flight. There are different elves to help you every step of the way – and they were all super merry and very funny. The captain of the flight was very helpful and ensured we all had our seats and our 3D flight goggles.

Kingdom of the Elves - Signs

The seats in the aircraft vibrated, there was snow (bubbles) when we landed and we even went in to space! It was such a great part of the experience and I think it was my daughter’s favourite part. She ran down to the front row of seats leaving me and my husband to sit at the back! As an adult it was also my favourite part as the Captain managed to fit in a multitude of jokes which were very funny but went right over the heads of the children present.

Once we had landed it was onwards to Elftopia. We headed in to the most wonderfully decorated room, where we had to use the power of magic and stars to create stardust to add to our bags of reindeer food. The children had to run around finding stars to put in the volcano and then with the power of magic stardust was created. Though my daughter was quick to point out in a loud voice that ‘it’s not stardust mummy, it’s glitter!’ My daughter had great fun in creating her reindeer food and it looked like all of the other children in our group did too.

Kingdom of the Elves - Stardust

A subtle light above the door indicated that the next room was ready for us, and we headed onwards in to the Funhouse, with the well known elf “Pat Sharp”… I have to confess the wig was awesome and the music was even more awesome. The funhouse was indeed lots of fun and we played games in which the children won and the adults lost… badly. The children had a so much fun in this room and were reluctant to travel onwards through Elftopia.

Kingdom of the Elves - The Funhouse

The final stop in Elftopia was the glorious Winter Woods, home to the Snow Queen herself. The room was amazing, and there was snow on the ground and snowballs dotted around. The children were all enchanted by the snow queen when she arrived.

Kingdom of the Elves - The Winter Wood


The final badge on the passport stamped and there was time for a dance and a snowball fight. The snowballs were perfect, so soft and light they practically floated around the room (the cheeky elves seemed to have a great aim when it came to the adults in the room!)

Kingdom of the Elves - The Snow Queen

The Kingdom of the Elves is available to all those who are staying at Bluestone during November/December. It truly was magical and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with little ones.


We were invited to stay at Bluestone for a midweek break and invited to attend The Kingdom of the Elves experience free of charge. All thoughts and words are my own. 

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