I have to say I love being a mum to a toddler, so I thought I would share the reasons why I think toddlers are awesome …

Toddlers Are Awesome - My top ten reasons why toddlers are awesome...

1. They find wonder in everything – birds, the sky, trees waving in the wind, tiny bits of crap on the floor, 

2. They are always (usually!) excited to see you, every day when my husband comes home from work Boo yells for her daddy and waves like a maniac at the window, how much of a lovely welcome home is that!

3. They can make you laugh even when you really don’t feel like it – 30 minutes into The Battle of the Nap and one look or one leg wave and you can’t help but giggle

4. The mispronunciations are just the cutest thing ever, ‘lub loo’ is much better than ‘love you’.

5. No matter how tired they are – you sing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ and they can’t help but march up to the top of the hill, and march back down again!

6. Time stops when they hear the theme tune to their favourite show even if they are in the middle of something important (like emptying the kitchen cupboards)

7. Toddler dancing puts dad dancing to shame

8. There is nothing cuter than a toothy/gappy cheeky smile to cheer you up

9. They love to ‘help’ around the house and in helping make the tasks take even longer!

10.  I am pretty sure they have magical super powers… (such as the fashion superpower of making wellies go with ANYTHING)

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So there you have it, my top ten reasons why toddlers are awesome!

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