We are so lucky to have such an amazing place like Cannock Chase a short drive away, we have visited several parts of it,and we still have lots and lots of places left to explore and discover and I shared our experience of visiting The Gruffalo last summer which was great fun and we have been several times since.

Cannock Chase

This past few weeks however we have visited a few more places at Cannock Chase and I have to say we were not disappointed!  The last couple of times we visited a hidden away little place, with a tiny carpark (free parking woohoo) which was pretty much hidden but once you got up to the carpark there were a fair amount of cars there and a couple of horse trailers too.

We had come prepared having been there the week before (well partially prepared!) and Boo had her wellies (and had been covered in suncream as it was sunny).

cannock chase 3 Cannock Chase 1

It’s a lovely little stream with a dammed up little pool which children can paddle in (and dogs can have a paddle in too) – and if you are extra specially lucky as a parent you can charge in there too when you toddler falls over! Boo fell on to her bum first, in the shallow stream, not too bad, only a little muddy, but then she fell into some nettles (Boo’s first nettle sting – is this a milestone?) Boo was so brave and didn’t even fuss that she had been stung by the nettles, so much so, that I thought she had escaped it and it was only when her arm went red with those raised white bumps that I realised she had actually been stung by the nettles. And finally Boo fell on to to her hands and knees… drenching herself and me in the process… ah it’s all good fun!cannock chase 4

We decide to visit this place a couple of times in the last few weeks because there are only so many days of the year it’s going to be warm enough to enjoy a paddle! And because Boo had so much fun charging about in the water.  We will definitely go again, but armed with out own wellies and lots of spare clothes and towels!

Luckily at the other side of the carpark there is a lovely big field which we could sit in and dry off in the sun (and have our lunch) before we got in the car to come home.

cannock chase 5

We got to enjoy the sunshine, splashing about, and visit a truly beautiful place – couldn’t ask for more from an afternoon out.

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