New parents have so much to think about from morning ‘til night. Getting your little one dressed, fed and entertained is a chore in itself — but what if there were gadgets out there to help you steal a few minutes of relaxation? Whether you have a young child already or are still expecting your little one, we’ve put together a list of the top time-saving gadgets available to help you juggle parenthood:

The best time-saving gadgets for parents with young kids - baby's feet

Infant seat by mamaRoo
Have you ever tried taking your baby out for a car ride to get them off to sleep? Most parents have and it almost always seems to work! However, the time it takes to set up the car seat and then head out on a car journey eats up a lot of time. Instead, why not invest in a mamaRoo infant seat?

This baby gadget is a godsend for busy parents. Simply place your little one into their mamaRoo seat and choose any of five settings to help them take a nap — these include ocean, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a- bye, and the ever-effective car ride! Each motion mimics parental movement, so they can get back to sleep easily. Get it from a variety of childcare retailers.

Drawstring toy bags
Babies and toddlers love playing and exploring, and you’ve probably bought them a huge range of toys to help them learn and keep them entertained. This is great for their development, but a pain when it comes to tidying up at the end of the day when all you want to do is relax! If you’re tired of wasting time picking up after your little ones, it’s time to invest in a toy storage bag.

These specially created toy bags are designed to hold all your children’s playthings in one drawstring bag. When they want them, simply loosen the drawstring and watch as the bag transforms into a play mat — which means your little one can have fun without scattering their toys across the room.
Voila — your tidy time is reduced!

Thermometer dummy
It can be a really stressful time when children are unwell, so any time-saving gadget that can help in these situations would be greatly appreciated by most mums. If you’ve ever taken a baby’s temperature, you’ll know how difficult it is to keep them still, which is why is a smart dummy might answer all your prayers!

Babies love dummies, so why not use something they like to help you with something they don’t? The smart dummy is a gadget with a built-in thermometer, and some even feature a fever alarm which will sound if your baby’s temperature gets too high. This excellent safety device is available from various retailers.

Perfect Prep Machine by Tommee Tippee
If you’re a new parent, having a gadget that helps you get the most sleep possible is bound to be popular. Instead of spending valuable sleeping time sterilising and making up bottles at 2am, use Tommee Tippee’s Perfect Prep Machine to help you prepare your baby’s formula in just two

How does this time-saving baby gadget work? Pop any powdered milk formula into the Perfect Prep Machine and watch as it eliminates bacteria and removes impurities from the water and formula. All you have to do is use a sterilised bottle and measure out the formula, then the machine does the rest! The Perfect Prep Machine works to make your night-time feedings a lot easier, and you can buy
it many childcare suppliers.

Save time to relax and recharge with these top children’s gadgets!


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