I thought I would share the adventures that Boo and I have had this week – we have been to so many places and done so many wonderful things – even though some days we haven’t even left the house…

This week we have ... sharing all the toddler fun Boo and I have got up to this past week - we have been very busy

We have been under the sea, fixed a brightly coloured fishy – he was all in pieces but he is better now!

We have been to visit a spider and sung him a song – waiting for the sun to come out and the watched him climb up again.

We have been explored coloured tunnels and slid fast down the slide, and bounced and bounced on trampolines so high we touched the clouds.

We have looked after babies, changed a nappies, and taken them for walks, we have brushed hair, changed clothes and shared our food.

This week we have...

We have drawn and painted magical lands and made lots of mess (but only one of us has cleaned up!)

We have build a mighty castle and then knocked it straight down only to build it again.

We have helped Mr Tumble paint his bow-tie

We have snuggled on the sofa and read books, seeing animals and people and lifting up the flaps to see what is hidden.

We have driven in our pink car, and then filled the car with balls to move them all of four feet.

This week we have 1

We have done dishes, done the washing and run around in the sun

We have collected stones and spread sand everywhere

We have walked really far, carrying bread to feed the ducks, and we have been to the park in the sunshine

We have been explorers finding snails and pretty flowers

We have hugged, we have laughed and we have cried and we have napped (well one of us has)

We have been gardeners watering our lovely tall sunflowers, (which are still alive!)

This week we have 2

We have made food, eaten more than our fair share of picnics

We have waited for daddy to come home from work so we could hide and shout ‘RAH’

We have danced with Makka Pakka and Iggle Piggle

We have had lots and lots of toddler fun!