I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since my last Pain Management Session. It feels like I have been so busy in the mean time that it’s just flown by. But then Christmas and the New Year are always manic.  Since my last session I have been to see the Physiotherapist (that was mid December) and last week I had my ‘Pain Management review’ which is a short meeting with the lead Occupational Therapist and the Physiotherapist to see how we are getting on and if we have managed to put any of the strategies in place from the course.

Thoughts on my Pain Management Review

To be honest, it felt a bit like a job interview, I sat facing the two of them and answered the questions they had for me and then they wrote down their notes. I know this is a valuable part of the process, not only for them to evaluate how we are getting on, but also the effectiveness of the course. I guess I wish the pain management review could have been more of an informal chat than a Q and A session.

To start with I went over how I have been getting on; one of the mindfulness techniques is working for me, I am trying to stick to pacing (as much as you can with a toddler) and I am doing my physio every day. Several times a day in fact. I also told them that the psychology element wasn’t helpful for me, personally. And that sitting in the group talking about anxiety actually made me feel worse and caused me to have what felt like flashbacks to the summer even though that was not related to my chronic illness at all. In actual fact even reading the psychology hand outs makes me feel like I am about to fly in to a panic, so I have given up.

I was told that I could see the psychologist, though it would be a different one to the one who ran the course as they have had a staff change. I said I would think about it, though I am not sure how helpful it will be right now. Maybe it’s worth a try though. I have open access to the team for the next six months This includes, the psychologist, a pharmacist, the occupational therapist and the physiotherapist. I am not sure I will need to see them all, but it’s nice to know I can see them if I feel I need to.

Surprisingly (for me anyway) are the results I am seeing from the exercises the physio has given me, and also wearing the orthotics she recommended for me when I saw her in December. I feel like it’s actually making a difference, and I am sticking to doing them every day.  I am seeing her again at the end of January to get some more exercises. We have started with exercises to strengthen the muscles round my knees to help with them being hypermobile, Next time the exercises will focus on my hips and shoulders. I hope that the new exercises have as much of an impact as my current ones do as it will mean so much for my mobility and pain levels.

When I came out of the my pain management review, I felt a bit negative to be honest. I feel like maybe I am not doing as well as I should be. But writing this down has made me realise that it’s helping, little by little. I am sticking to the strategies that are working for me and hopefully they will continue to have a positive effect for me.

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Original Photo Credit Štefan Štefančík