It’s been a while since I have done an update about my pain management course. But with moving house and everyone getting an awful cold I haven’t been able to blog. But rather than play catch up I thought I would write about week 3 and 4 together. Though we do have a week off this week- which is lucky as it’s half term. So here is the update for my Pain Management Course weeks 3 & 4

Pain Management Course Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3 saw the psychologist come back and finish her talks, we covered communication and guilt and other fun things. To be honest I found this part of the course really difficult as it was a lot of sitting and listening – and although we are ‘allowed’ or rather encouraged to get up and about if we need too, barely anyone does as to be honest it feels a bit rude. I guess this is a prime example of social conditioning- and how powerful it is. We chose to sit there in pain rather than move and appear rude.

There was also an exercise at the start of the morning and relaxation at the end. I had hoped that the relaxation would get easier by week 3 but I am still finding it really difficult and it leaves me with a bad headache each time.
It was then on to week 4. Again we started with exercise, which is always ‘fun’ first thing in a morning! Then we had patients who had done the course two years ago come in and talk to us about how they found it and what had happened for them since. It was amazing to listen to them talk, and I hope that I get as much out of the course as they did. It was nice to see real examples of what we are been taught put in to practice

We then had a talk about pathologies from the physiotherapist- which was interesting and it was good to learn about the conditions which effect the rest of the group too. As well as more about fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility syndrome.

Then it was more relaxation to finish, this time instead of something mindfulness based it was guided imagery.  This I found easier to do and I also found it worked better and I actually felt more relaxed as it was about taking your mind to a relaxing place rather then being aware of your body  (and of course the pain). I am going to aim to try to do it a couple of times a week at least. I am hopeful it will help in the long term and getting in to a routine with it will mean I don’t think about it and just do it.

I am hopeful about the last three weeks of the course and a break in middle means I can go over what we have already covered. I am pleased that I have already found something that works for me – the guided imagery. And I must confess I am glad that the psychology element is over as I found it almost upsetting (I am not sure that is the right word) to listen too. There were so many examples from the group- negative examples of how much their chronic illness and their pain has taken away from them. It made me feel so sad for them.

I knew this course was going to be hard but I am still hopeful it’s going to be worth it!

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