This year is already running away with me, I cannot believe that another week has gone! I have been meaning to get organised and get some blog posts written hopefully this weekend will mean I can catch up on everything. But today is Friday and that means it’s time for Friday Faves! This week it’s Favourite Harry Potter Character. Remember to head over to see Bex and Lauren to see what their Friday Faves are too.

Friday Faves - Book Heart - Blogging series
Oh it’s so difficult to pick just one favourite (isn’t it always!) so I am going to go with a shortlist of characters, just like I did last week for my favourite retellings.

Luna Lovegood
I love Luna so much, if I was being strict and sticking to just one favourite it would be Luna that I pick. I love that she is her own wonderful self. I love her ‘Don’t worry, you’re just as sane as I am’ quote. I love that she has moments when she is such a calming and comforting presence. I would love to have had more time with her in the books. I also love who they cast to play Luna in the films, she really manages capture that quirky and clever essence of Luna.

Hermione Granger
I just love who love books, and learning. Hermione was such a wonderful character to read as a child, I love that she was assertive and knew her own mind. We need more female characters like this in children’s books. And I cannot wait to see what my daughter makes of Hermione when we start reading the illustrated editions to her. There are so many wonderful moments throughout the series where Hermione is central and saves the day!

Prof McGonagall 
I am pretty sure that Transfiguration would be one of my favourite lessons at Hogwarts and Prof. McGonagall would be one of my favourite teachers, I love that she had a no nonsense approach but is also fair. Again I think that they cast Prof McGonagall so well for the films, Dame Maggie Smith is perfect as McGonagall.

Molly Weasley
I love Molly so much, she is wonderful and I love the way that she opens her home and her heart to both Harry and Hermione. She is a such a wonderful mother to all of her children. She really is a wonderful example of a stay a home mum and unconditional love. She is also the most amazing mama-bear when her children are threatened.

There is such a wonderful range of female role models throughout the Harry Potter series, showing us that it is OK to be ourselves, that we should not be afraid of being assertive, to always be fair and just and to live with an open heart.

Who are your favourite Harry Potter characters?