First of all Happy Easter, we are having a lovely weekend here and I hope everyone else is too!!

The weather finally brightened up mid afternoon yesterday so we got to do an Easter Egg hunt for Boo in the garden, she was so excited and very happy, but more interested in everything else than the chocolate egg at the end!

We used some of the marvelous things that came in the amazing Easter Hamper I won from Becoming a Stay at Home Mum.  We didn’t use everything but I am sure we will make good use of it next year, and the year after!!

We put on Boo’s wellies (she will wear nothing else!) and bunny ears and headed out in to the sun!

Easter Egg Hunt 1a

I was actually surprised that Boo didn’t keep taking her ears off and throwing them as she does with hats and as she did with her reindeer antlers headband at Christmas, but she was obviously  too caught up in finding the magical eggs!

We hung the glitter eggs in fairly obviously places around the garden so that Boo could see each egg from the egg before and we only ‘hid’ six eggs are we didn’t want her to lose interest.

Easter Egg Hunt 3 Easter Egg Hunt 3a

Boo got really excited each time she spotted an egg and would rush over to it before gently lifting it and putting it in her Easter bonnet for safe keeping with Daddy.

Easter Egg Hunt 4After we had found the purple and then pink eggs, it was onwards toward the blue egg!

Easter Egg Hunt 5

Boo was really interested and kept looking for all six of the eggs, I was really glad that we had made no effort to hide them (hung up in plain sight as they were) and I think any more than six eggs and Boo would have lost interest as she is only 15 months old. It was so cute to watch and Boo kept point and yelling ‘der! der!’ to tell us the eggs where ‘there!’ ‘there!’

Easter Egg Hunt 6 Easter Egg Hunt 7 Easter Egg Hunt 8Once all the small glittery eggs had been found and stored with Daddy for safekeeping we could look for the real prize the chocolate egg! Which was also part of my Easter Hamper win!

Easter Egg Hunt 9

Boo was very impressed with the Easter Egg Hunt but I actually think she had more fun looking for the small glittery eggs and lifting them off the branches than finding the big chocolate egg.  After this photo she removed the big egg from her hat and left it in the ground!

Easter Egg Hunt 10

Maybe Boo didn’t realise there was chocolate in it?

All in all I am going to declare our first family Easter Egg Hunt a success.  The weather even played along! (Shock Horror!!!) I think it was probably more luck that skill that we had picked the right about of eggs for Boo to hunt before she lost interest.  But I was really pleasantly surprised by how excited she was.


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