As parenting goes few things are a sure thing… I can only think of a couple of things;

The first is… if you are running late and about to go out the door, a poo explosion will happen, and will require a full change of clothes and possibly a hose down in the shower

and the second is when you say… oh look my child can do X Y or Z of all the things they will then proceed to do, it will definitely not be X, Y or Z.

On night last week my husband was getting Boo ready for bed and she was being her noisy self, so he put his finger to his lips and gently said ‘shhhhh’ to Boo, who, without missing a beat did it back (although it was more like she was blowing a raspberry on her finger but the overall effect was the same) it was sooooo cute. She kept doing it too, and did it back to me when I did it!

Liar Liar 1

So when Grandma came over the next day, I said oh look Boo can shhh! and I did it to Boo… and did she copy me back…? No… In fact she looks vaguely uncomfortable in a ‘what are you talking about you crazy woman’ kind of way… so I said, ‘oh right, making it out that I am a liar?’ and then without missing a beat, Boo chose that moment to copy again, and said in a loud clear voice something which sounded suspiciously like ‘LIAR’ … it was hilarious, even grandma burst out laughing, and said ‘did Boo just call you a liar?’ So mummy is a liar liar pants on fire now… I think this is only going to get worse as Boo gets older and more cheeky!! hehehe

Very funny Boo, you win this round!

Little Hearts, Big Love