I am not the most girly girl, in fact I am happily letting my dark hair turn white at the front (mainly because I reckon in a few years it might look almost Rogue-esque!). I also don’t have all that much time to create and stick to a hair and beauty routine with a super active 4 year old but I do try. But the one thing I stick to is doing my nails as often as I can.

AutumnWinter Nail Trends

I am a big fan of nail varnish, and I find that when I really stick to having nail varnish on most of the time, my nails grow so quickly and well. I tend to stick to a few of my favourite shades rather than changing to match the seasons but after seeing the AW nails trends from Ellisons I must admit I am very tempted to change my ways.

My current nail range is bold dark colours, like scarlett and a deep purple which I love. I think that the darker shades work well with my usual clothes as I tend towards dark colours for my clothes too. But I do fancy mixing things up over Christmas and the New Year. Gold is in! And though I have a silver nail varnish I use often I don’t have gold, this is something I will have to remedy as I think gold would help add a bit of sparkle and warmth over the colder months.

AutumnWinter Nail Trends

Another trend is quirky neutrals which sounds so fun! I must admit I am drawn to the thought of soft pinks. I think the next time I get my nails done I will treat myself to a soft pink shade. I have never tried cool khaki shades but I think I might have a look to see if there are any shades in that range. I do need to increase my nail varnish collection as I have been feeling a little uninspired with my current shades recently.

There is another trend that’s big this AW and it’s something extra special, checkerboard! I love the way this trend looks, though I am not sure I am brave enough to wear it myself, and I would have no hope in creating this look myself. Maybe this look is something to use for the next party I attend, and I can get my nails done beforehand as a treat.

Do you like having your nails done? Which are your favourite colours?


This is a collaborative post.