When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, it can be difficult to decide on how to choose the theme, colours and essential furniture pieces. You often find that your child’s bedroom will see them through from toddler to teen, so you want to ensure it’s a décor style that will be suitable for every age. With these useful décor tips, you’ll be able to plan the perfect bedroom for your little one, giving them an exciting space to enjoy for many years to come.

Useful Tips for Decorating your Child's Bedroom - Pink and White bedroom

Selecting a Theme
First things first you need to decide on the right theme for your child’s bedroom, as the rest of the décor will fall into place around this. Themes are essential for bringing your little one’s bedroom to life, whether you opt for a specific colour scheme, or decide on something a little more exciting such as a zoo décor style or space theme. It’s always easier to select a theme if your child has a specific interest or passion, as you can tailor their bedroom décor to suit this perfectly. For example, for a little boy who loves football, you could look at incorporating lots of greens, white and blacks into the décor, with a few football inspired decorative touches such as the bedding, a clock and other fun items. For a little girl, you may decide to create a princess inspired bedroom, with lots of pinks, silvers and purples to enhance the magical feel.

The Right Furniture
Deciding on the furniture pieces needed for your child’s bedroom is all down to their needs and requirements. Whilst you have the obvious bedroom must haves, such as the bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and oak bedside tables, you can then decide on which additional items are required, such as a desk, bookcase and other items that will simply add to the overall look of the room. Introducing certain items to your little one’s room can be really beneficial, as items such as a desk are perfect for encouraging them to do work, draw, paint and use the surface area to keep them occupied. Similarly, having a bookcase in the room will give you the perfect place to store all of their favourite books, with ease for them to reach and read whenever they wish. These simple yet effective furniture pieces can really help to provide a useful space for your child to grow.

Useful Tips for Decorating your Child's Bedroom - fairylights

Bright and Bold Aesthetics
As it’s designed for a child in mind, you want to ensure there are plenty of bright and bold features to enhance the child-friendly feel and make the space pop with character. Whether it’s a brightly coloured wallpaper or some bright carpet tiles, you can introduce pops of colour into the décor to really bring it to life. Having bright features in the room will help to keep your little one interested and happy with their bedroom, as it’ll be the room in the house that has the most fun. You can incorporate bright and bold aesthetics into the décor in a number of different ways, from brightly coloured bedding, a stylish patterned rug and even some fun curtains that will create a bold focal point with the window area.

Plenty of Fun
Whilst the bedroom isn’t designed to be a playroom and you do want your child to settle down on an evening and go to sleep without distraction, it’s still so important to have lots of fun going on in the room. Having a boring, plain bedroom will demotivate your child and surprisingly have an effect on their mood. Being around fun, positive décor can really help to lift your spirits and keep you smiling, so you want to ensure there’s plenty to do in there. Keep a good selection of toys, teddys and books in the room for them to enjoy, with a clear storage unit for them to put them away into when bedtime arrives. This will help give your child some independence at the same time, with the responsibility of keeping their things in the right place.

Written by Emma Blaylock. Sponsored Post.