The is a guest post by Jon from The Money Shed. 

Having an illness that meant you were housebound used to be the kiss of death when it came to trying to muster up some kind of income. Times have happily changed and you can actually earn more than ever from home.  Before we get going I better give you a quick introduction. My name is Jon and I run a website called The Money Shed. We’re actually the UKs largest community website dedicated to earning money from home with thousands of members on our forum all chatting to each other about how they make money from home and helping each other out!

Don't Let Your illness have an impact on your earnings
Original Photo Credit: Thomas Lefebvre

Anyway, now the boring stuff is out of the way let’s earn you some money! Today I’m going to show you 3 ways you can earn around £500-£1000+ a month from home without any trouble and all without leaving the house!

1 – Website Testing
Think you know what makes a good website in terms of look and feel? Well now you can put that knowledge to good use and get paid for it! The first company I’m going to mention is WhatUsersDo. Basically using a mic (could be the built in mic on your laptop!) you get given a website to go to for a major UK retailer and are asked to perform various actions. This is usually as simple as ‘go through the process of buying a new t-shirt’. As you go about that you describe how you feel about the design of the pages you are using. What do you think are bad design choices?  What could be better? etc.

WhatUserDo Pay you £8 per website review and £15 per mobile website review (so reviewing a site on your phone or tablet!). There’s plenty of work and the reviews take around 15 minutes to do. It’s a fantastic company to work for as payment is made quickly via PayPal!

2 – Mystery Shopping from home
Mystery Shopping is something that a lot of people have heard of but very few realise that there is a company out there that near enough deal exclusively with just doing it from home.

That company is called edigitalresearch and all it basically involved is being given a UK retail outlet website to go to which you then order an item from and once the item arrives you then return it straight back to the store. As you are going about this experience they give you a dedicated ‘reporting page’ to write about your experience so it’s things like – ‘How good was the packaging?’ or ‘ How easy did you find using the search bar on the website?’. Once you’ve answered this questions and submitted a report it’s onto the next one.
There’s lots of money to be made from them and while work does tend to come in waves they are a fantastic company to be signed up to and like I said can be entirely done from home!

3 – Web Search Evaluator
Do you ever wonder how search engines like Google get any better? You might think it’s all robots but there’s actually a group of people who help shape those results and make you, the user, are getting the best out of those search engines that you can.
Working as a Web Search Evaluator is a fantastic thing to do. Basically you login to their website and help out with rating the results and pages that search engines show. The job is basically a bit of clicking on things and a bit of typing and saying how you feel about the results shown and rating them.

The company I used to work for in the past is Leapforce. They pay WAY above UK Minimum wage and best of all they pay by the hour so if you have a spare bit of time during the day you can just hop on and earn!

There is an entrance exam which you take online before you can start working for them and the whole thing is based on their guidelines which they send you so you can use those to pass the exam. It’s a fantastic thing to do and I used to earn an easy £700-£1000 a month from just logging in outside of my main job and working when I could in the evenings or weekends!

I hope all this has been helpful to you and maybe you’ve found a new way or two to earn money from home! If you would like to come and join up with our GIANT UK based forum which is all about working from home then please do pop over to The Money Shed and join in as you can bet anything we have people on there chatting who were in the same boat as yourself and are now financially MUCH better off!