Both my husband and I agree that having a pet really does complete the family. We both had our own fair share of pets growing up and we are keen to ensure that my daughter has pets throughout her childhood. So when Petplan got in touch and asked if my daughter would like to create her dream pet we couldn’t wait to get involved.

Creating my daughter's dream pet with Petplan
I think having a pet (or pets) is such an important part of growing up, not only to provide companionship, which is really important for me, as my daughter is an only child. But also to encourage responsibility by helping to look after her pets. We currently have four rabbits and my daughter is keen to expand her number of pets and has been requesting a rainbow cat and a unicorn for a while now.

We found out when she was tiny that my daughter is, in fact, allergic to cats, so sadly a cat is not an option for us, rainbow or otherwise. I am happy to day that we have had a bit more success with her other request thanks to Petplan Pet Insurance. Petplan asked my daughter to design her dream pet.  So we got out the paper and crayons and set about creating this masterpiece.

Wishes the Rainbow Space Unicorn drawing - Petplan

My daughter drew her unicorn and coloured it in. She took a long time to make sure everything was the colour that she wanted, from the rainbow horn right down to the different coloured hooves. The unicorn has blue eyes to match my daughter as that was very important to her, and when she was nearly done she asked me to draw a star on her drawing. This was to show that her unicorn was not just any rainbow unicorn but a rainbow space unicorn.

PetPlan then worked their magic and a few weeks later, my daughter received a truly wonderful parcel in the post.

Wishes the Rainbow Space Unicorn - Petplan

This is Wishes the Rainbow Space Unicorn, and she really is my daughter dream pet. Wishes covers all the things that my daughter loves, space, unicorns and rainbows. My daughter named her Wishes because “she smells like magic!”. Since her arrival Wishes has accompanies my daughter on a multitude of adventures, including a trip to the vets for one of our rabbits, the dwarf planet Haumea (my daughter favourite because of its shape), and even to school.

I love how perfectly Wishes matches my daughter’s drawing, from the big blue eyes to the to the star. I have to say that the rainbow mane and purple tail are fantastic.My daughter was so astounded that her drawing had come to life and couldn’t believe that Wishes was hers forever, just like any pet!

As well as accompanying my daughter on her adventures, Wishes also accompanies my daughter to bed each night. My daughter loves her dream pet, and I love hearing her chatter away to Wishes as they have lots of wonderful adventures together.

Wishes the Rainbow Space Unicorn - sleeping - Petplan

Our most recent trip to the vet was a real adventure for my daughter and Wishes. One of our rabbits needed to have her teeth trimmed as they are misaligned and we have to take her every six weeks. These regular vet visits weren’t something we realised would be part of our lives when we got our youngest rabbit, Taylor Swift. However, our frequent vet trips are all part of being responsible pet owners, as is getting pet insurance. If you have a pet, or are thinking of getting one and need to get your pet insurance sorted then check out Petplan’s Pet Insurance.

Petplan - Wishes the Rainbow Space Unicorn

Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan goals are to keep the nations pets healthy and their owners happy. Petplan are one of only a few Pet Insurance providers who offer ‘Covered for Life’ policies, which are genuine lifetime policies. They also offer 12 months policies which cover a range of needs too.

What’s wonderful is that Petplan also work with animal rehoming charities. They support more than 1,200 charities in the UK. They have even set up the Pet Plan Charitable Trust which has raised over £7 million towards creating a better world for animals. As someone who has adopted a dog from a rescue centre in the past, this was wonderful to learn.

As you can see Wishes is a very loved addition to our family. My daughter loves Wishes and I am sure they are going to have lots of wonderful adventures both in space and at home!

Sponsored Post. This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.