Boo was very happy when we woke up to snow on Friday morning. It was only a tiny layer on the garden but it was enough for us to have a snowball fight and build a very cute, and very tiny snowman.

Boo insisted that we place the snowman on the top of her sand/water table, I thought it was very lovely that she wanted him up there, with a lovely view over the rest of the garden. The fact that she then aimed all of her subsequent snowballs at the mini snowman probably indicates that she wanted him up there to make him a better target!

She had a great time out in the garden, proving that even the smallest dusting of snow can provide endless fun for a toddler. We stopped short of making snow angels, by the time Boo suggested them our garden looked more mud than snow so we decided to head inside for a hot chocolate.

So here is our mini snowman/target for snowballs. I love this photo it’s a wonderful memory of a very happy morning spent in the garden playing in the snow.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”  Kahlil Gibran.

Living Arrows

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