Last month we visited CBeebies Land – my husband won tickets for us to go and so we decided to go after the summer holidays and before Alton Towers closes for the winter. And we definitely picked a great day for it! The weather was beautiful and CBeebies Land was busy enough to not feel empty but quiet enough that we had to queue for no more than 5 minutes to get on any of the rides.

CBeebies Land Review - sharing our thoguht on a fab day out!

Once we got there (after a ride from the carpark to the entrance of Alton Towers on the sweetie train – Boo was very pleased to not have to go on the strawberry train) and Boo could see some of CBeebies Land – she was so excited. She has never been to a theme park type place before so we didn’t tell her where we were going, it was a nice surprise for her when we got there!

The first thing we did was go on the bugs – which is a monorail which takes you around a lot of CBeebies Land and points out on different areas/rides. This was great to get a general layout of the park sorted in our heads.  Boo saw the Octonauts rollercoaster Adventure and wanted to go on that. After a bit of a tense time getting her measured… she needed to be 90cm to go on the rollercoaster – and indeed many of the rides – once the child hits 90cm they are able to go on everything in CBeebies Land – so although we didn’t realise this before we got there – it was a good thing we had waited until she was tall enough to go on everything. As it was such a close thing Boo is just over 90cm she was given a wrist band so that we didn’t have to get her measured for all of the other rides – this saved us lots of time, as getting a toddler to stand still and straight when they are bouncing with excitement to go on the rides is no easy task!

CBeebies Land Review - Octonauts Rolldercoaster Adventure

It was then on the rollercoaster! I shared a snap of Boo and her daddy on the rollercoaster for Living Arrows last week – it’s one of my favourite photos and a wonderful milestone to capture, my brave little lady’s first ever rollercoaster.  She ended up going on the rollercoaster again later in the day too.  And was just so impressed with the fact that the whale shot water in the air as the carts rode past.

There is a great range of rides, from the rollercoaster and the monorail, to the In The Night Garden Boat Ride – which was a nice way to spend a quiet ten minutes peacefully sailing round – even Boo calmed down a little which was a good thing! The only way off the boat ride was through the gift shop which I thought was a bit cheeky! But Boo was too busy looking for more rides so she just ran through it!

CBeebies Land Review - ITNG Boat Ride

There was also Justin’s House – which was a big room for children to collected foam balls and then run upstairs and to try to shoot them using big cannon type things in to various holes (and at anyone who happened to be standing in the room below). She might only be two but Boo has a very good aim! Another fab ride was the Postman Pat ride, where Boo got to ‘drive’ the van and help deliver the post

CBeebies Land Review - Postman Boo

There is a Tree Fu Tom themed play park – which Boo loved, though the slide looked really big and really steep! Luckily she didn’t see that whilst she was playing in that play area and we headed off to go on some other rides.

CBeebies Land Review - Tree Fu Tom

As usual we were not particularly organised so we bought food whilst we were there. And whilst the food was more expensive that you would normally pay – I didn’t think it was too expensive considering you are a captive audience – we got a sandwich type meal deal each. The child’s meal deal had a sandwich, a small packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a drink. The adults could choose from a hot or cold sandwich and also got crisps and a drink. I think it came to about £17 for the three meals and both my husband and I went for the hot sandwich (a really tasty meatball sub).

The best part of the day had to be the live shows, we saw the Hey Duggee Show and the ZingZillas show. Of the two, Hey Duggee was my favourite, Boo even found one of the pictures that Duggee was looking for and was very proud to take it to him! The show kept all of the children engaged and at the end, after about 2 minutes Duggee came back out to have photos taken with the children – and of course their special Badges! (which was a cute sticker which Boo lost later than afternoon).

CBeebies Land Review - Hey Duggee

We might have been a little spoilt with the Hey Duggee show as the ZingZillas was ok but not as good. We were sat eating an icecream when the ZingZillas van drove past and then we followed it to the stage area – Boo was very impressed by that and demanded her daddy run faster (at this point she was on his shoulders)

CBeebies Land Review - ZingZillas Van

As you can imagine the ZingZillas show was lots of dancing and the children had lots of fun. After the show, which seemed quite short compared to Hey Duggee, the ZingZillas then disappeared for over 10 minutes whilst the children queued up to meet them and have photos taken. I am not sure why it took so long for them to come back out, it was only a couple of minutes for Hey Duggee to return .  As they left the stage we were told it would be 10 minutes – the children got restless and as it was towards the end of the day lots of them were tired.  I think it would have been better to have a shorter gap between the show and the photos, as some of the children at the back of the queue would  have had to wait a very long time indeed.

CBeebies Land Review - ZingZillas

Another unexpected highlight of the day were the toys and games that were in the show/stage area, Boo had great fun building towers, playing with a hula hoop and even playing skittles. There was also a tent where children could meet characters from In the Night Garden – Boo ‘met’ Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy – she poked Upsy Daisy in the eye though so that went well!

CBeebies Land Review - Hula Hoop

CBeebies Land Review - BuildingAll in all we had an amazing day at CBeebies Land and Boo has been asking to go back every day since! I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a toddler/preschooler who is looking for a fab day out.  We will definitely be making a yearly thing of it at least and I am really looking forward to the CBeebies Hotel they are opening next year!

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