Well it has been on my bucket list all year – but finally (in November) for my birthday my husband, Boo and I made it to Chester Zoo and it was fantastic! I thought I would share my thoughts and some of the photos I took.

Chester Zoo - sharing my thoughts and photographs from our visit to Chester Zoo for my 30th birthday this week, - and can you guess what my daughers favourite animals was...

We got to Chester Zoo about 1pm (when we visit again we will go early and spend the whole day – as Boo’s little legs took ages to get around the Zoo and she would only tolerate her pram for small stretches).  Though for older children and adults the 3 hours we had until the Zoo closed at 4 would probably have been enough time to enjoy everything and not feel rushed.  Though it would be easy to spend a whole day there too!

I can’t remember the order that we went round Chester Zoo even though were were only there yesterday so I am just going to include our highlights.  I do know that our first stop was the monkeys!

The naughty monkeys who totally failed to say still for my photos – I am going to need a lot of practice if I am going to become a remotely decent wildlife photographer!

Chester Zoo - Monkeys

After the monkeys we went for a walk and Boo found the monorail which goes round the Zoo, she as very impressed and stopped in her exploring to watch it pass us. The weather, as you can see from Boo’s lack of coat, was really quiet nice!

Chester Zoo - Monorail

We stopped to see the meerkats but sadly we couldn’t go in to see them, so we moved on to some very striking looking birds who were making lots and lots of noise. It’s a shame the fence makes for a bad photo.

Chester Zoo - Noisy

We then saw the painted dogs who were running around and play fighting and I just could not get a decent photo of them, even though they were running (very quickly) past us! Here is the only none blurry one! I need more practice with my camera!!

Chester Zoo - Painted Dogs

The weather looks really grey in this photo but it really was warm! We saw some aardvarks which I totally forgot to get photos of! And then we moved on – there were really cute and very accommodating staying still whilst I took my photos – I am not sure what they are called though.

Chester Zoo - Cute

We then went on to the new Island exhibit which has been there since the summer, and it was really interesting, where you can explore the islands of South East Asia.  Boo had lots of fun!

Chester Zoo - Piggy

It was amazing how close to we could get to some of the animals – I thought that this bird was going to follow us out of the building!

Chester Zoo - Bird

We saw some wonderful elephants…

Chester Zoo - Elephants 1


and there was the cutest baby elephant, but managed to dodge every single photo I took (I have a lot of photos of a baby elephants bottom!)

Chester Zoo - Elephants 2

The elephants were just amazing, and it was fantastic to see them and Boo was really impressed.

Chester Zoo - Elephants 3

We then went see what turned out to be Boo’s favourite animals… she just loved looking at them…

Chester Zoo - Boo

Can you guess what they were?…

Chester Zoo - Flamingos

We then headed to the Realm of the Red Ape to see the orangutans and some reptiles, and a truly magnificent jaguar – it was just watching everyone before it yawned and sauntered off.

Chester Zoo - Jaguar

And finally we went to see the butterflies, which were just amazing, though my camera wasn’t happy with the change to the humid and my first couple of photos turned out very misty!

Chester Zoo - Butterfly

The colours were just fantastic.

Chester Zoo - Butterfly 1

We saw so much more in between all of these, but most of the time I forgot to take photos! It was such fantastic place to spend my birthday and Boo has a fantastic time. This was her first trip to the Zoo and  I can’t wait to go back in the summer with her!

The only niggle of the day was that the map wasn’t very clear and at times we seemed to jump across the map in a couple of steps. And remember to book online as it means that tickets are cheaper!

Have you ever been to Chester Zoo?