We are big fans of cycling in our family. My mum and stepdad are avid cyclists, they race most weekends, my stepdad is a cycling coach and my mum is training to be a children’s cycling coach. So it probably comes as no surprise that they gave my daughter a balance bike at the age of two and she loves it!

Cycling fun for the whole family - bike in a yellow meadow

Cycling is such a great way to spend time as a family, it’s fun, it gets you outdoors and it keeps you fit and healthy too. We are very lucky that we are local to Cannock Chase as it means we have a truly beautiful area to explore both on foot and on the bikes. Cannock Chase is truly incredible, not only is it a beautiful place, but it has the most wonderful trails for small children, including The Gruffalo Trail, as well as mountain biking trails, and in the summer it even hosts concerts!

We have spent many a happy weekend exploring the Chase, and my daughter loves racing around on her balance bike. However, now that she is a little older she has started to ask for a ‘bike with pedals’ and we think she is ready for one. It can be a bit daunting to try to decide on the right bike, especially if you have no experience of bikes and cycling. But help is at hand, as Halfords have created a comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Biking.

Cycling fun for the whole family - boy on a bike doing a wheelie with the sunset behind him

This fab guide covers everything from choosing the right bike to the other gear you will need. It also includes an amazing list of incredible biking routes across England, Scotland and Wales. It was great to see Cannock Chase listed in the ‘Trails Near Big Cities’ section.Though for those that are familiar with the Chase it’s easy to see why Cannock Chase has made the list. not only is it a great site to explore for all ages, but it is always lovely and busy with mountain bikers making the most of the trails which crisscross the Chase.

Now that our daughter is getting older, we can explore more of our local area, including the Cannock Chase. We can go further (and faster). I love our family weekends exploring on foot and cycling, making the most of the quality time we can spend together and getting a wonderful dose of fresh air and fitness too!

Cycling Fun for the whole family - cycle route sign on a wooden post

For us, the next step is to get my daughter a mountain bike and so she can spend as much time as possible on her new bike over the summer!

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