Over the summer, when the weather has actually been nice, Boo and I have spent a lot of time out in the garden.  We have a small garden in our house but it’s big enough to get some toys out there and for Boo to have a run around in.

Fun Garden Activities for Toddlers - We have had lots of fun in our garden this summer, here are a few of the things we have been up to

We have been doing lots of different things out there, and I thought I would share some of the fun things we have done this summer. We have had so much fun and been on so many adventures!

Garden Activities for Toddlers 6

1. Collecting stones and pebbles – unleashing their inner Makka Pakka – is there anything more fun than collecting little stones in buckets, piles or placing them carefully in a line… I don’t think so.

Garden Activities for Toddlers 4

2. Creepy Crawly Hunting – Searching for bumble bees (or lum-lully-lees as Boo calls them) is one of Boo’s favourite things so do – luckily we have two huge Fushia bushes in our garden so there are always plenty of bees around

Garden Activities for Toddlers 8

3. Chalks – We bought some cheap giant chalks and they have been so worth it – Boo loves to scribble on the floor with them, (and carry them around in her bucket – with all the stones of course) I also enjoy sitting out there and drawing flowers (which is about my artistic limit!)

Garden Activities for Toddlers

4. Sand/Water – Boo has endless fun with her sand/water table – mainly pouring the sand and water out all over the garden where they are not supposed to be! It’s great that she can play with these as they are too messy for in the house.

Garden Activities for Toddlers 5

5. Toys – taking her toys outside seems to be special and she loves playing with them in a new space, especially her little pram – which usually is empty as she pushes it about. I think it’s great for her to get to play with familiar objects in a different environment and toys which she doesn’t play with much inside suddenly become so interesting to her.

Garden Activities for Toddlers 3

6. Picnics – eating outside is super exciting, even if it’s the same thing that you would be eating inside – and you don’t have to clean up any mess – it’s win win (unless their are wasps about!) And because as a toddler it makes perfect sense to share your banana with the steering wheel of your car-shaped paddling pool.

Garden Activities for Toddlers 9

7. Paddling Pool – Now this one was great when the weather was super hot – though not too great once Boo managed to puncture her paddling pool! She loved sitting in hers, even when it wasn’t filled with water and playing with her toys, as it was yet another space to explore with them.

Garden Activities for Toddlers 1

8. Gardening- Boo has been growing some sunflowers, three sunflower to be precise and as I write this all three of them are still alive and one has, finally, started to flower in the past few days.  Boo has found the whole process so interesting I can’t wait to grow some different flowers and some more sunflowers next year with her.

Garden Activities for Toddlers 7

I am sure there are lots more things we have been doing in the garden this summer, and I am sure this list will be even longer next summer – it’s just great that we have so many options in such a little space!

Garden Activities for Toddlers 2

What activities do your children like doing in your garden?