It’s the summer and it’s a great chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  But as much as it’s nice to go out to places, like the zoo etc it’s also nice to have days out that are free – or  cost very little money. So I have compiled a list of things that Boo and I do that are free! (or nearly)

Ten Free Things to do with a Toddler - Out and About - sharing some wonderful activities you can do with your toddler - out and about - that are free!

1. Going to the park – our local park is about a 5/10 minute walk away and it was completely redone last year, so all of the equipment is new, there is a large play area, tennis/basket ball courts, outdoor gym equipment and a mini skate park.  Lots to do for all ages, there is also a large field off to the side ideal for playing football or dog walking, or just sitting down and enjoying the sunshine.

Ten Free Things to do with a Toddler - Out and About

2. A Walk – sometimes with small children it’s difficult to go anywhere, feeling like it’s military operation just to get things packed to go out for an hour! But just going for a walk on a nice day – even if it’s just to post a letter (which Boo loves doing!) it’s nice to have a change of scenery.  A bike ride is also an option too. We have Cannock Chase near to us which is a wonderful place and in lots of areas of it parking is free too. There is also the Gruffalo Trail which is just fantastic.

Ten Free Things to do with a Toddler - Out and About 1

3. Visiting your local library – we have two libraries we can visit, one is a 10 minute walk and the other, larger one (with a free sensory room) is a short bus ride away.  It’s free and you can discover new books together, and ours run a free ‘bounce and rhyme’ session once a week – which Boo adores.

4. Feeding the Ducks – Boo always loves this, I think it is her favourite thing to do, and all it takes is a few slices of bread (and for us, a short walk) – it’s a great way to spend an afternoon and we get to explore our local area too.

WOTW Nephew

5. Bug Watching – another thing that can be done anywhere, even in your own back garden!  Boo loves finding snails and other bugs, and pointing out bumble bees.  It’s a fantastic way to get children to connect with the world outside and there are lots of books that you can use at home too to teach them about the different things they have found.

6. The Seaside – If you are lucky enough to live close enough to go to the seaside it’s an amazing place for toddler, Boo loved when we went – even though it was cold and we needed jackets and wellies.  Being in the Midlands it’s a bit of a trek to get to the seaside but I would love to live closer.

Ten Free Things to do with a Toddler - Out and About 2

7. Local Attractions – It is worth finding out where the free/cheap attractions are in your local area, we have a castle at the other side of town which is free to visit – and even parking is free – we visited last year and you can read about our wonderful time there here. There will be a few of these free gems dotted about so it’s worth finding out where there are near you. We also have The Wolseley Centre which is a fantastic place and even has it’s own Sensory Garden. And parking is a really cheap donation of £1!

8. Picnics – something exciting and a bit different, there are lots of places to have picnics, at you local park, when you are out on a walk or even in your back garden.  Boo loves it when we have picnics – though she tends to spend most of her time making as much mess as possible – but at least it is outside!

9. Visiting Friends and Family – Another free activity and a great one at that! A new garden to play in, new toys to play with – and a cup of tea and a chat with adult conversation for you! Win win!

10. Local Groups –  there are lots of local groups which are sometimes free or very cheap, or local library runs bounce and rhyme every Wednesdays in term time and some of our local churches have free messy play too.  Some groups do charge a small fee but the ones that do near us give you a drink and some cake! So it’s definitely worth it!

Can you think of any free things to do with a toddler that I have missed? What free groups/attractions are local to you?

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