I am starting something a little different today on the blog, and it will run every Monday morning (and what a wonderful way to start the week…) and it’s called All About Books… basically I am going to ask different bloggers, authors and, well, basically anyone who likes or loves reading, some questions and then I am going to share their answers with you!

All About Books with Odd Socks and Lollipops - colourful books stacked on grey background

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It’s been a while since I have joined in with My Sunday Photo but I just had to share this photo which I took in our garden. The garden has been hard work recently, it seems to just be an endless sea of brown, mud and leaves (which collect again and again no matter how many times they are cleaned up.)

But finally at last in the middle of the chaos of finally finishing the rabbit run, I found these little splashes of colour, and upon close inspection I found other little groups of these dotted about. The colour is so wonderful I just can’t wait until they bloom. I can’t wait to see our garden throughout the spring and summer. We moved in at the end of the summer last year so missed the best of the garden. Hopefully once the weather gets warmer we will see that it was worth the wait.

My Sunday Photo 4th February 2018

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The weather has been, slowly, getting better, and we have made the most of it by spending as much time as we can out in the garden. Our main tasks have been to create a new run for our four rabbits at the end of the garden so they can have their own space to run around outside and to dig out a vegetable patch. We made some good progress last weekend, and we finished the rabbit run and started on the vegetable patch.

In the garden - Purple Crocus in grass aerial view
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I had planned to do a post summing up my experience of Sugar Free January, and to be perfectly honest with you, this post is not what I believed I would be writing. But it just goes to show that I can change, and hopefully for the better.

Sugar Free January - my thoughts - blue iced cupcakes on a pink and blue background

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Whether you’ve just got yourself a gorgeous new puppy, or you’re moving into a new home that your dog isn’t used to, there are specific features that your garden needs to ensure its dog-friendly and ready for it’s new guest. You want your garden to be a safe, secure space for your dog to enjoy without having to check on them every few seconds, and these useful tips will help you to achieve the perfect space for your playful pooch to spend quality time enjoying the fresh air.

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