Boo the destroyer of DVDs in action!

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This ‘sorting’ of DVDs occurs on a near daily basis, as you can see from a photo from another day… this is how Boo likes the DVDs to look when she has finished…



It is my first couple of weeks of being a SAHM to Boo, she finished nursery last week so this is our first week of spending each day together for just over 3 months. And it is amazing!

It is great now that Boo is walking (and running) and she loves to help me and leave me little surprises. Boo is so interested in everything, especially those things she shouldn’t be touching.  She loves my phone, she likes to hold it and run away with it and hide it…

Boo loves to help me with the housework, Boo loves to help me with anything!

Boo loves the vacuum cleaner and she loves to vacuum… here she is helping Grandma!

Being a SAHM

Boo helps me do the washing, by taking it out of the wash basket… and spreading it all over the floor (maybe it will get clean there?)

Boo helps me put away the dry washing, by taking it off the dryer… and spreading it all over the floor (maybe it will dry faster there?)

Boo helps me sort out her socks and tights (the only drawer she can reach) by taking them out of the drawer … and spreading them all over the floor (maybe the are better organised there?)

Boo helps me to put away the weekly shop, by taking food out of the cupboards/bags… and spreading it all over the floor (maybe the food is easier to get to there?)

Boo likes to help reorganise our dvd collection by taking them off the shelves… and spreading them all over the floor, (maybe it’s easier to find the one she wants to watch?)


I can see a pattern developing here now that I have written it down….

But I also get lovely hidden surprises… like my notebook of passwords stored in a kitchen cupboard, or my keys helpfully put away in the basket at the back of Boo’s smartrike – that was a panicky 20 minutes of searching!

I love that Boo is so interested in everything, she has such a fantastic, cheeky personality and we have such fun together, each day is so exciting and such an amazing gift.  I am so glad that I took the decision to become a SAHM so that I could spend as much time as possible with her, watching her grow, explore and develop. It is truly magical.

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Boo is now fourteen months old and she is still breastfeeding.  I can’t believe we are still on our breastfeeding journey. It has been wonderful, exhausting, magical, frustrating, amazing, painful, confusing, and emotional (both sad and happy).

I don’t have many pictures of my breastfeeding Boo, unfortunately, as I am usually the one holding the camera, but this is Boo at 9 months feeding at a cafe, where we were shielded away from the rest of the diners, for our comfort or theirs I am unsure.


I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed Boo, as I have had two operations (one on each breast) to remove lumps, and at the time of the operations I was told that the scar tissue could cause issues. However, I was lucky and I was able to breastfeed Boo when she was born.

My goal whilst I was pregnant was to breastfeed for six months, however once Boo was born I struggled in the early days and it was my goal just to get through each day! But slowly, very slowly things did start to get better.  Boo has acid reflux and so fed little and often when she was tiny.   I also suffered with several bouts of mastitis which were agony!

I would have not been able to get through those early months had it not been for;

The amazing support from my husband, he is my rock, and he was so incredibly supportive I honestly know that I wouldn’t have been able to last the first few days without him.

Lansinoh Nipple Cream – This stuff is miraculous!

The two cartons of ready made formula milk we bought and kept on the side in the kitchen, ‘just in case’ these really really helped take the pressure off if I need them in the middle of the night.  And after a while those cartons reminded me of how far we had come each time I looked at them.  I kept them as a little reminder of my achievement until Boo turned 6 months. (I know that a lot of advice is to not have any forumla in the house, but it really did help me.)

Now that we have past the year stage, I must admit it is starting to get more difficult.  Returning to work – even though it was only a short time, as I am now a SAHM – was really difficult and I honestly hated expressing at work.  I was honestly about ready to give up, and I think if I had stayed at work I would have.

There is also the negativity I get, sadly, from family (other than my husband), friends and in general as Boo does still feed in the day (about 4 times a day on average) so it’s not always possible to be at home when she feeds – and I don’t think I should have to stay home to feed her. This negativity does make me sad, and I do at times wonder if I am making the right decision, to carry on, to let Boo decide when she wants to stop breastfeeding.  Another tough parenting decision!

I find it sad that there is stigma attached to breastfeeding, at any age, but it seems especially apparently as your baby grows. I am not going to go in to the benefits of breastfeeding for mum and baby here, but we are lucky that we have two excellent options for feeding out babies, breastfeeding and formula feeding – we get a choice, we can choose which of these options suits our families best, and we shouldn’t be judged for which option we choose.  I would never (even before I had Boo) dream of pulling faces, or think of anyone negatively if they are sat in a restaurant feeding their baby with a bottle, or a boob.  I don’t know why other people find it necessary to judge.  Life has enough crap to deal without every Tom, Dick and Harry, judging every decision we make.

Now if you will excuse me, Boo needs a feed …


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I think I am going to have my hands full with Boo, she is getting cheekier by the day! And the more words and gestures she learns the more obvious this is becoming.

Yesterday I was sat on the sofa with Boo on my knee and my husband came over and sat next to us and stuck his tongue out at Boo, and without missing a beat she said ‘No! No! No!’ and waggled her finger at him!

It was hilarious!

I am not sure where Boo has got finger wagging from, because we don’t do that at home, oh dear! Boo is 14 months old and already she is telling us off!

I will see if I can get a picture of the finger wagging and add it to this post, she is an expert of avoiding the camera if she is doing something funny!

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