Another Project 365 already! Where does the week go!! It’s been a busy busy week here, with Boo’s two brothers C and M visiting, but we have had lots of fun, though I have been a bit too busy and some days I didn’t take as many photos as I should have done!

Here goes… here are my Project 365 Days 32 to 38…

32. Obviously wearable bowls are all the rage right now, though I am not quite sure why we have such a serious face!

Project 365 Days 32 to 38

33. Happy Land, the first on many I think as Boo is having so much fun with them!


34. Change Table/Climbing Frame, what’s the difference


35. Lazy sofa time – cuddles and the tv, what more can Boo ask for =)


36. Boo decided she wanted to run away at the park!!


37. Boo’s lovely new dress and super soft slippers =D


38. Fun at the Gruffalo Trail with Grandma waiting for Daddy, Grandad, C and M to finish at Go Ape!



It’s been a great week and I have some lovely pictures too, I just wish some days I had remembered to take more!  I am worried that some day soon I am going to forget to take a photo when we have a really busy day! I am hoping I don’t as I would love to do this project for the full year!

I am linking up with The Boy and Me for the Project 365 Linky , there are lots of amazing photos in the linky check out the badge below for the link!

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

My word of the week is chaos… but in a good way, (can chaos be in a good way? hehe)

Word of the week Chaos

We have had my husbands two boys over from Denmark to stay with us, C who is 11 and M who turned 10 yesterday. We have been so busy trying to fit as much into the week they are staying here as possible, it feels like we have been running from on place to the next.  We had a very important birthday to celebrate and we wanted to make sure it was extra special.  I know M had a great day and we have lots more planned over the weekend too, which is going to be lots of fun!

I haven’t quite being able to keep on top of keeping the house neat and tidy, or the dishes, or the washing, but we have had lots and lots of fun, which is a lot more important!! I has given me some insight in to how it is to have more than one child, though it’s a bit different dealing with sudden 3 aged, 1, 10 and 12 as opposed to a toddler and a newborn but still being pulled in many different ways is a new experience for me!  The language barrier has also been an issue as times, but we are getting used to that, and it’s a wake up call for me that I need to keep practicing my Danish!

Boo is also teething, we have tooth number 11 poking through the gum and it is one of the back ones, and is causing her a lot of pain which makes her a bit grumpy. I also thing she is getting tired because she is not used to the constant chaos, noise, people in the house, (5 days a week it is just me and Boo and we make a lot less noise… and a lot less mess… ok a bit less mess!)

But yes to sum up this week, I would definitely have to go with chaos!

The Reading Residence

So here is a list of 10 things I haven’t done this week! It’s been crazy, with the boys visiting, three children… don’t get me wrong it’s amazing, but it also exhausting and I don’t have the list making skills to makes sure we remember everything… So here is a list of things I haven’t had chance to do, or have forgotten to do this week… and I am sure it will only get longer….

1. Check that a place we were going was actually open this week… fail

2. Tidy up the house over the last few days, it now looks like several small bombs have gone off

3. Keep on top of the washing – Ok I am bad at this at the best of times!

4. Shopping…I write list upon list, yet we have had to go to the supermarket everyday because we are missing something!

5. Spend as much time as I would like reading to Boo

6. Sit down for 5 minutes and have a hot cup of tea… i was almost getting used to hot cups of tea now that Boo’s naps were a bit more sorted!

7. Watch TV – though this is probably a good thing, I sometimes feel like a watch way to much TV

8. Take as many photos as I would like so that Boo can see them, and the boys can have them to take home with them too so that they can remember the time when they met!

9.  Buy enough sweets to feed two boys… it’s amazing how many sweets they can eat… it’s their holiday so we want them to have fun and try sweets and other foods that they can’t get over in Denmark =)

10. Find this list of things we have planned each day (which my husband and I made weeks ago) so that we could fit as much as possible in to the week the boys are here, it went missing just before they arrived and I haven’t be able to find it. Oh well I can remember most of it! Sometimes it is just better to make things up as you go along!


All in all I think I have done ok, jumping from 1 one year old, to a 1 year old and two boisterous boys of 10 and 11… it feels like a massive leap!

The things that haven’t been done aren’t really that important (except the reading to Boo and the checking the place we want to go is actually open!! ) and it’s been nice to have a busy, chaotic, loud, happy house =)

I can honestly say that I don’t know how these families with lots of children cope! I would need a note book a day to remember everything and I would still forget!!


The List

Happy 10th Birthday to M!! He is having a great day so far with us (and we have lots more planned for this afternoon.) It is great to see him and celebrate his birthday and I know my husband feels the same way too.

I took over 20 pictures of them all together yesterday and did I get 1 where they were all looking at the camera?!?!? No I did not…

Happy 10th Birthday

So far this morning we have opened cards and presents (lots of presents, including a chocolate car, clothes, an Xbox game (from C), monster socks (from Boo) and there are still more to go when we see more of my family later on today.  And we introduced M and C to the great English tradition … the fry up! It went down very well, especially when the found out the bacon had come all the way from … Denmark!! M and C were not totally sold on the brown sauce, but Boo loved it.

We are going out to eat this evening, and have a personalised cake for him, with a photo of M, C and Boo which looks great!  And we have lots of exciting things planned for over the weekend, including Go Ape! at Cannock Chase and the Monkey Forest at Trentham Gardens.  I hope we are going to have lots of fun.

Boo is enjoying having her brothers here, though at certain points it does seem to be getting a bit much.  This is to be expected I suppose as she is used to the house being a lot quieter than it is now! (She is also getting tooth number 11 – a back tooth) which isn’t helping!  At the minute Boo is having a nap and M and C are playing on the Xbox – Minecraft which is the presents C bought M yesterday with his english money! It was all very exciting! He also about M a huge 10 Today! badge.

I am sure this week is going to go way too fast, but I do know it’s going to be lots of fun!

Happy 10th Birthday M!!

The day has finally arrived, Boo’s brothers flew over from Denmark yesterday and Boo will meet her two older half brothers when they all wake up, C who is 11 and M who is 9 (10 on thursday).  I am so happy that Boo finally gets to meet them, as skype chats are just not the same thing.

It is sad that Boo is meeting them for the first time at 13 months, but circumstances out of our control mean that this is the soonest they could all meet.

I can’t wait to spend the week with the three of them, and I have so much to think about. I wonder how they will all react to each other? how will the first meeting go? and how the week will go? and I wonder what relationship they will have when they are older… will Boo feel like their sibling? Will they like their little sister? I do worry about what their mum is saying about Boo to them, and how she is dealing with the situation in front of them, as things have been up and down to say the least.

There is also a language barrier to deal with as they are only just learning English and Boo will be learning English and Danish, but it is so much easier (I am not lazy honest) to just speak English to her.  So I think that Danish will be a second language.  I hope that they all know enough, once that Boo can talk a bit more to be able to communicate enough to develop a relationship.

Oh I am so excited and so nervous and I am not even meeting anybody!

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