Last month I won a competition over at What the Redhead Said for a Child’s Farm Top to Toesie Cleaning Kit. I was really happy I won (who doesn’t like winning things!) as I had been looking for some bubble bath etc for Boo.

So when my parcel arrived I was really excited to see what these products were going to be like, until very recently we have only been washing Boo in water, so I was looking forward to trying out some bubble baths!

Child's Farm Review

The kit comes in a nice resealable plastic wallet and contains;

Hair & body wash for dirty rascals
Hand & body lotion for silky skin
Bubble bath for sweet dreams

Each of these three bottles smells so lovely, it was like Boo was a newborn again, I kept sniffing her hair… I am not weird, honest.  Though I am a sucker for mandarin scented things!

Not only do they smell nice, but everything is organic and suitable from newborn which is great, and as the Child’s Farm website states this pack is ideal for travelling, or as a gift.  We have taken it away with us twice and it is so handy, and the wallet is great for keeping everything together.

The body wash, bubble bath and lotion are also dermatologist approved for sensitive skin and eczema which is great, I suffer with sensitive skin, so I always prefer to use products that are for sensitive skin, just in case Boo’s is sensitive too.

The bubble bath makes lots of lovely bubbles that makes Boo’s baths so much more fun and the lotion has helped with the small patches of dry skin that Boo had.

I will definitely be buying some more of the Child’s Farm Bubble Bath, Body Lotion and Body Wash as they smell lovely and they agree with Boo’s skin.

Family Fever

Oh No! Has become one of Boo’s favourite things to say recently, and she will say it at any opportunity, when she accidentally drops something, when she purposefully drops something, when she falls over, when she knows she is going up to her room for nap time, the list continues.

But one day last week, I went up stairs when I heard she had woke from her nap, and she saw me and said in a loud clear voice… oh no! … Charming!! I felt like a loved mummy!! I then realised (hoped) it was because upon waking she had taken off both of her socks and chucked them out of the cot!

Oh No

Cheeky Boo! At least she is not cheeky when she is asleep!!

Little Hearts, Big Love

I am really enjoying Project 365, but I am finding it challenging too.  I have had some good days here I have taken lots of photos, but also a couple of days where I haven’t really taken many, I hope that I can keep up with the photo taking!!

So here is our week… trying to avoid the snot filled pictures as we have all had a terrible cold!

25.  Rye bread… Boo was not entirely sure but she did manage to eat some she did like the mackerel in tomato sauce which was on it!


26. A lovely picture which Boo drew for us, it is now, proudly, hung on the fridge! First of many I think!


27. Obviously the megabloks table is for sitting on!


28. A close up of the thief… I take Boo to a new playgroup and she tries to steal both the walkers and heads out of the door!!


29. Mmm custard beard…. custard tastes better when you are feeding it to yourself!


30. I just love this photo, I took it because as Boo was sitting there her hair just seemed so long, (it seemed like forever before we had any hair!)

Project 365 30

31. A tired Boo who as not happy about having to go to bed!!


TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Right now I am feeling happy, January is nearly over (a month I always find hard for various reasons) so here are my ten happy things I am currently feeling happy and positive about!

Ten Happy Things

1. Boo will be spending more time with me as I have given up work, and Boo will no longer be going to nursery.

2. My house is tidy, (Boo is still attending nursery two days a week – when she is well enough – and so I am using this time to get sorted and do an early spring clean)

3. My husband’s two boys are coming to visit next week, my husband is really excited, well we both are as we both miss not being able to see them more regularly and we are really excited that Boo will get to meet her older brothers for the first time!

4. I am really enjoying blogging at the minute and I am glad I have moved over the selfhosted it’s lots to get to grips with but lots of fun!

5. I have made two big decisions in my life recently and I feel better now what I have made them as it seems like a weight off my shoulders.

6. My attempt to start the new year off eating healthier and trying to get out and about more has been going well so far and I am not feeling to deprived of chocolate etc

7. I ran my first blog competition this month and it was to try running one, and the products Boo got to test where amazing =)

8. My brother and his wife are due in July and everything is going well with their pregnancy, I can’t believe I am going to be an aunty!

9. I have over 1,000 followers on twitter, which feels like a pretty great milestone to reach!

10. I got to have lunch with my husband the other day when Boo was at nursery, it was lovely to go out and have a meal with my husband, just the two of us, it was the first time we have gone out for a meal, just us two, since before Boo was born.

These are my ten happy things for January 2015… =D


The List


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